Heavy on Seafood – Many stocks drop in the double digits

Heavy on Seafood - Many stocks drop in the double digits

The Oslo Stock Exchange is down on Thursday afternoon. At 2.30 pm, the main index was down 0.36 percent to 1227.83 points. However, it has rebounded strongly from today’s low at 1,218,62.

Stock turnover and share certificates have already exceeded NOK 9.8 billion, thanks to Aker BP’s massive share sales.

Aker BP Naturally it represents the largest share of the total trading volume – so far the stock has traded over NOK 6.5 billion. The stake also drops into the double digits after the big sale of Kjell Inge Røkkes turbid and BP.

In addition to major sales, oil prices are also declining relative to Røkke’s share. Brent oil is trading at $81.94 a barrel, down 0.9 percent. West Texas Intermediate crude fell 1.2 percent to $80.34 a barrel. fat. At the close of trading on Wednesday, the price of Brent oil was $84.52 a barrel.

Equinor falls around the percentage, while bottom And OKEA It decreased by about 3-4 percent.

Quester Energy It was also down in double digits on Thursday after the quarterly report was presented.

hydro The share indicates a rise of about 4 per cent. It is included in CEO Leif Eriksrød’s favorites collection, along with, among others salmar, which traded lower on Thursday.

He says It turns down more than 2 percent after Wednesday’s quarterly numbers, while Seafood Leroy It is down about 5 percent after weaker-than-expected quarterly numbers on Thursday. shop owner leroy Austfull seafood It’s also declining, despite strong progress in the third quarter.

In total, there are several companies pulling back after Thursday’s quarterly numbers:

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A handful of stocks are also outperforming positively with quarterly numbers:

In addition to Wilson’s strong ascent, there is good speed in the dry shipping giants golden ocean And 2020 Blakers , the great ABG analyst helped him a lot. shipping companies Belships And Jinhui It is also on the rise.

Wallinius Wilhelmsen It works in charging cars, but it also rises well. And so the car shipping company continues to climb after Wednesday’s price hike.

containers MPC Container Ships It is in turn about 3 percent.

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