Jon Øigarden and Axel Bøyum play in a huge new Norwegian movie – VG

Jon Øigarden and Axel Bøyum play in a huge new Norwegian movie - VG
Playing together: Axel Boyum, known from “Delete me”, “Heimebane” and “Exit” actor Jon Øigarden will play in “Gulltransporten”.

Jon Oygaarden and Axel Boyum will co-star with Sven Nordan in the upcoming Norwegian war film ‘Gulltransporten’. But what is being referred to as a big movie shouldn’t be shown in cinemas.


Viaplay’s first Norwegian feature film, “Golden Transport” It tells the story of the Norwegians who had to steal Norway’s gold before the Nazis got it, after the occupation on April 9, 1940.

“Exodus” star Jon Øigarden plays the main role as Parliament Secretary Fredrik Haslund – who is assigned to lead the dangerous expedition.

– I immediately liked the role. Here you have a guy who is by no means a traditional war hero. Not the hardest in the class, Oegaarden says in a press release, he’s an ordinary party secretary with a colossal task: saving Norwegian gold from the world’s largest military power.

In addition to Øigarden, “Wisting” actors Sven Norden and Axel Bøyum, known from “Delete me” and “Heimebane,” have been confirmed for what Nent has described as a major film, directed by “Børning” director Hallvard Bræin.

Actor: Sven Nordin will play a grumpy truck driver with a strong sense of duty, but also a sense of cold beer and the good life when the opportunity presents itself.

Not shown in cinemas

Filming will begin early next year. The expected premiere of Nent Group Viaplay’s live streaming service is near the end of 2022.

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This means that the movie will not be shown in cinemas.

The right of cinemas to show films for an exclusive period is under severe pressure from the world’s largest production companies such as Netflix and Disney. Now it appears that Nent is also focusing on exclusive content.

– Streaming content is becoming an increasingly central part of people’s daily lives, and their expectations of streaming services are constantly growing. We’ve already released several North movies directly on Viaplay and have been a huge hit, says Filippa Wallestam, Director of Content at Nent Group.

It is not known at this time what he will do after leaving the position.

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The article continues below the video.

Nent describes the original production as a film about an extraordinary gang of resistance heroes who secretly rescued the Norwegian gold reserve with German soldiers and heel-grappers.

“Gold Transfer” has a very interesting balance between weight and lightness, and it keeps tension all the way down, says Oegarden and continues:

Many war movies have become very dangerous and depict horrific human tragedies. “The Golden Transport” stands out in the genre as a fun and entertaining movie with a twinkle in the eye. Viewers should be able to throw popcorn into their laps and have fun from the first second, says Øigarden.

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