Rebel Wilson on work experience: – Nausea – VG

Rebel Wilson on work experience: - Nausea - VG
Movie star: Rebel Wilson at Vanity Fair after the Oscars in Los Angeles earlier this year.

Movie star Rebel Wilson (42) lightens the cameo of a bad episode earlier in his career.


Wilson doesn’t reveal the name of the man she says molested her many years ago, but she trusts People He was an opponent in a movie.

– He asked me to come into a room, and there he lowered his pants. And there—in front of his friends—he asked me to do an evil deed, says Wilson.

It was horrific and sickening, says the 32-year-old, who ended up reporting the incident to his own manager and to the film company.

After that, the guy and his friends, according to the actor, tried to make her life miserable.

– They somehow tried to destroy me and my career. Had this happened after #MeToo, I could have exposed them, says Wilson and Targets Movement that accelerated At the end of 2017, that has led to dishwashing in a number of industries and in countless areas since then.

– Because I am a lawyer, I documented what happened, says Wilson, who studied law at the University of Wales.

Did you get that trick when Wilson led the BAFTA Awards in March?

Describing the entire episode in writing, Wilson said she made no secret of what happened to those in the industry – and who was involved.

Today she asks herself why she keeps working with the person instead of leaving the project. Now she thinks she should have just quit, and that the job wasn’t worth it.

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But there and then I looked at reporting the incident, as a pretty big step in and of itself. She was also said to have been told that she was not the only one who had complained about the person in question.

Australian-born Wilson, known for the role of “Fat Emmy” in “Pitch Perfect” films Also from Amazon’s new series “LOL: Last One Laughing” is now relevant to a new Netflix movie called “Year Up.”

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