Updated: This is the new generation from Samsung

Updated: This is the new generation from Samsung

As we mentioned in our review of the Galaxy Z Fold5: It might not be foolish to save a lot of money by buying the Z Fold4, because it’s nothing like last year’s foldable mobile phone no strong enough.

UP, 17:48:

At the same time as 5.1.1 for older devices, Samsung has started beta testing for OneUI 6. At the moment, only customers living in the USA, Germany and South Korea can test – you also need a Galaxy S23, a Galaxy S23+ or a Galaxy S23 Ultra .

Samsung sums it up:

  • One UI 6 convinces with its beautiful simplicity, moreover, many elements have been adapted to create a more modern look and feel, such as the new and effective default font type and the new emojis on the Samsung keyboard.
  • The Quick Panel has been revamped with an updated design that makes it easier for users to access the functions they use most. It’s easier than ever to adjust your screen’s visibility on the fly, with the brightness control bar as standard in the built-in quick panel.
  • There’s also a new instant access to the entire quick panel option, which provides faster access to settings with a simple swipe down in the top-right corner of the screen.

The company has also implemented lock screens that change with the actions you may activate during the day.

There’s also a new dedicated camera tool that allows users to pre-select camera mode and storage space – such as portrait mode and face folder only.


Great upgrades to a range of units

Now it looks like our wishes have been answered, because Samsung has now reported that OneUI 5.1.1 installed on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 series, Z Flip 5, Tab S9 and Watch 6 is also coming to older devices – exactly what we had hoped for, and with multiple improvements. mission.

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And there are a number of devices that already got the Z Flip4 and Fold4 this month, and then you get these:

  • Z times 3
  • Z Flip 3
  • Z fold 2
  • Z face
  • Galaxy Tab S8 (with the multitasking tablet for everyone)
  • Tab S8+
  • Tab S8 Ultra
  • S7 tab
  • Tab S7+
  • Tab S7 FE
  • Tab S6 Lite
  • Table A8
  • Tab A7 Lite
  • active tab 3
  • Tab Active 4 Pro
  • Galaxy Watch 5
  • Watch 5 Pro
  • Watch 4
  • Watch 4 classics


We get everything we want

Older foldable mobiles also get an improved “flex mode,” and multitasking has been improved so that changing between multiple windows and pop-ups is easier while holding the area longer.

Two-handed drag and drop is a practical improvement that allows you to drag documents from one application to another with both hands. The Fold4 and Tab S8 taskbar will also be upgraded to work faster and have access to the latest apps.

Older clocks have a more intuitive user interface with Sleep Score Factors, Sleep Symmetry, and Sleep Animal Icons. Sleep training is also built into the watch so you are independent of your mobile phone, and the Galaxy Watch can automatically tune into your SmartThings smart home devices. As if that weren’t enough, the 5 and 4 watch both get a “dedicated heart rate zone.”

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