News, Torgallmenningen | Here they enjoy beer in Torgallmenningen

News, Torgallmenningen |  Here they enjoy beer in Torgallmenningen

– It’s great fun to open the taps! We’ve been waiting a long time for this, says restaurant manager Janet Sortland, bringing our first beers to liberal city councils for urban development, industry and finance.

Their party did not vote in favor of using Torgallmenningen as a pub, but seems satisfied with the outcome.

– I didn’t think it would happen so quickly, says cheerful Ingrid Nergaard Feldstadt.

– When the city council wanted it, it was our duty to make it happen, says Per Arne Larsen.

– Very Wonderful

Annette Horn and Lillian Mag read about the opening online on Friday, and decided to take part in the historic event.

– It’s so cool that they’ve made al fresco dining available in the space. Mag says it will take time before Norway catches up with the rest of the world.

These are beer prices

Holy cow: 0.4 liters Carlsberg – 104 NOK

Pierre: 0.4 l Carlsberg – 110 NOK

common people: 0.4 liter Hansa – 99 NOK

China Palace: 0.4L Hansa-105

This is what she said: 0.4 liter Carlsberg – 99 NOK

Prices were checked on 01.07.23

Both are from Odda, and have decided to go to Fløyen to have a glass of white wine there afterwards. Then Mamma Mia will be on them tonight.

– I don’t see anything negative about the service as long as it is done in controlled ways. One should be able to enjoy a glass of wine or beer in the middle of the day. I think this will go well, Måge says when we ask her opinion on any negative consequences of serving beer.

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Two others who were very satisfied with the look of Torgallmenningen today were Thor Haakon Bakke (MDG) and Turid B. Sveen (Independent).

– That’s a thank you! Buck points out, and bask in non-alcoholic lemonade with Sven.

– I hope this turns into joy, not anger, Sven replies, looking around at the packed tables.

I was basically surprised that the service took up more space in Torgallmenningen than I thought, but satisfied nonetheless.

Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, even the weather gods chose not to let it rain yet, she says.

Skeptical tour guide

Tour guides in the city were excited about how the beer service would be in practice, according to Solveig Mohr.

The Sailor’s Monument is an obvious stop on her tours, and important for telling the story of Bergen’s maritime history, says Mohr, who has been a tour guide since 2007.

Now, taking two tourists with her to the monument on Saturday morning, she has received the answer: working conditions are getting tougher.

Instead of being able to gather groups of 30+ around, everyone has to spread out along the free walkway between the outdoor dining area and the memorial.

“Not all guides have microphones, and the noise here deafens me,” she says anxiously.

BA chats with several older men on stone benches around beer bars, who are suspicious of what’s going on in the middle of Bergen’s Great Hall. They talk about the fact that Bergen’s “last bastion” has now fallen, but they don’t want to appear in the newspapers.

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Fear of wild conditions

In May Torgallmenningen became “Ølallmenningen”.

A clarification of the pub rules at the Neumann Gate outside the cinema suddenly leads to free passage in Torgallmenningen when the MDG, Conservative Party, People’s Party, FRP and IR Per Jorgensen come together in a side proposal.

With Independent Representatives voting, Tor Woldseth and Tauride B. Sven and Rolf Scott, that was it.

In advance it was expected to “Texas”. Bar manager Terje Gjertsen fears orders will come in from all over town.

It ended with seven operators getting permission to serve beer in Torgallmenningen. They have several requirements that they have to deal with:

  • It should be quiet after 10 p.m.
  • They are not allowed to use umbrellas.
  • They should arrange their own toilet facilities.
  • They must ensure an overall style and look in the area.


These players obtained a liquor license in Torgallmenningen this summer:

At the Monument of the Seas: China Palace, Sabura, Sacred Cow, Almoine and Beerk.

Between Narvesen and Blue Stone: Hotel 13 and Villa Paradiso.

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Sølve Rydland of the BA has gathered political representatives and is conducting the debate on outdoor dining in Torgallmenningen.

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