BIG DIFFERENCE: – Europe’s best selling electrical appliance

BIG DIFFERENCE: – Europe’s best selling electrical appliance

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(Elbil24): In our tables you will find the result for each month since 2013 in a simple and standardized form. There, the development is displayed in a visual way, and you can – if desired – place your mouse cursor on each month, in order to show the number for exactly the month of your choice. But these are Norwegian numbers, so what about the rest of Europe?


Bigger is not better, and vice versa. Plus, there are many ways to be the biggest, because there’s almost no limit to what you can measure and draw conclusions from.

In Norway, since the new year, we have had the cleanest explosion of one brand in particular, and that, of course, is Tesla. After they drastically lowered the price on the Model Y, this is now starting to look like a shot. Everybody should have a Tesla.

The result of this was that more than 15,000 Teslas have been registered in Norway so far this year alone.

Big difference between car wash conventions

It’s impressive to say the least, and to illustrate how impressive it is, we can easily take a look at the second most registered model in this country, the VW ID.4. To date, 3,801 copies of this have been registered. 15,415 copies of Form Y, against 3,801 ID.4, viz. But the VW ID.4 is just one of the cars now spurting blood. Because Tesla has already registered more cars so far this year than the next six models on the list combined. We have never seen such dominance in the car market in Norway.

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What about Europe?

So back to the question. What does this picture look like for the rest of Europe? Well, Jato Dynamics looked at the numbers for May, as the June numbers weren’t ready. They initially focused not on the fuel the cars run on, but on sales in May 2023 compared to May 2022. They then named the brand and model that experienced the most growth, month by month. At the top, the result was the same for 28 European countries (EU-28), as it is here in Norway.

Tesla has almost outpaced the others, and with 18 percent growth is the brand with the largest growth in Europe.

Felipe Junoz is a global analyst at Jato, and he explains why in the same words used here at home.

Tesla uses incentives and its good market position to outperform its competitors, while parts of its success can be explained by constant price cuts, he says.

Best selling electric in Europe

These are the same factors that made Tesla bigger here at home, but since Norwegians are among those who buy the most electric cars, the impact is greater in the Norwegian market.

If we look at the number of single electric vehicle registrations, we find that they achieved a whopping 65 percent growth in May, compared to May of the previous year. This resulted in 169,091 electric vehicles registered for the first time within the 28 EU countries, ending up with a total market share of 15 percent of all newly registered cars.

We must not ignore the fact that the change we spent 15 years on in Norway is likely to take less than half the time in the rest of Europe, mainly because we now have a set of models, but also because the authorities will constantly increase the pressure – also in other countries.

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A budget electric car?  Check out our favorites under NOK 100,000

A budget electric car? Check out our favorites under NOK 100,000

Numbers talk

If we look at the list of the most registered electric vehicles in May within the 28 European Union countries, there is no doubt about it. The Tesla Model Y ranks first, while the second most registered car in Norway, the VW ID.4, holds the same position in the rest of Europe.

Newcomer can be found in third place, the MG 4, while the Tesla Model 3 drops right off the podium. Then follows the Fiat 500, VW ID.3, Volvo XC40 and Skoda Enyaq.

Best selling electric in Europe

But for the sake of entertainment, let’s forget about electric cars for a while, and take a look at the total list of the number of cars registered in the month of May. This list actually shows how different the market can be, because the car model from which most cars are registered in Europe does not even exist in Norway. The winner is the Dacia Sandero, which won 21,745 cars, ahead of the Tesla Model Y with 21,530 copies. In third place we find the Volkswagen T-Roc, and just outside the podium are the Peugeot 208 and Renault Clio.

However, what we can add is that if the three European countries that are not part of EU-28 were also included, the Tesla Model Y would have been the clear winner, far ahead of the Dacia Sandero.

This is thanks to a large number of cars from Norway.

It’s now July 1, and we can settle the June scores for Norway. But I can’t promise it’ll be exciting, because so far three times as many Model Ys have been registered as the next car on the list, VW ID. The interface will soon be in place.

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