Marcus Martinus won the Swedish Melody Grand Prix Final

Marcus Martinus won the Swedish Melody Grand Prix Final

– I'm very happy, thank you very much, Sweden, for voting! Martinus said as victory became a reality.

The Twins pulled off a superior win. They got 177 points, while second place got 104 points.

– Historical

Young people from Trofors in Nordland will be waving yellow and blue flags when the Eurovision Song Contest kicks off in Malmö in May.

It is the first time that an all-Norwegian group has won the Melodifestivalen in Sweden.

The twins were the favorites, receiving the most points in both the poll and the foreign judging panel.

Crush opponents

After the jury cast their votes, the twins were 39 points ahead of second place. They made six out of eight 12-pointers, the highest score. The duo received a total of 92 points from the Swedish people.

“Sweden has a very special place in our hearts,” said Martinus, with tears in his eyes after the win.

Second place went to another duo, Medina, who had the song “Que Sera.” In third place came the rock band Smash Into Pieces with the song Heroes are calling. They got 90 points.

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The Prime Minister congratulates

– Congratulations to Marcus & Martinus to win in Swedish Melodifestivalen, writes Prime Minister Jonas Jar Sture (AP) on X, Twitter previously on Saturday evening.

He described it as a great achievement on an “unforgettable” evening – a reference to the winning song, “Unforgettable”.

– How fun it will be for us in Norway to follow both Gåte and Mamp;M in Malmö in May!

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Petain was the first

Although the twins are historic in that they will be the first all-Norwegian entry to represent Sweden at Eurovision, there have been Norwegians before.

Elisabeth “Betan” Andreessen, who won the entire competition for Norway with Hanne Krug and the song “La det Swing” in 1985, also competed for the Swedes.

In 1981 she was part of the duo Chips with Kikki Danielsson that represented Sweden at Eurovision.

I participated last year as well

During this year's Melodifestivalen, Markus and Martinus exact appropriate revenge. Last year, the twins participated in the song “Air”.

They then sailed to second place behind Eurovision goddess Lauren who won with the song “Tattoo”.

The same woman also won the entire competition in 2012 with the song “Euphoria.”

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