“Maskorama” Season Two: The Hints We Already Know

"Maskorama" Season Two: The Hints We Already Know

Next Saturday, the stage is set again NRK “Maskorama” Wild Guessing Game. The costumes for this year’s season have already been launched, and many are already starting to wonder who can hide behind the masks.

Throughout the episodes, each participant gives hints so that viewers can guess who is hiding behind the masks.

Perhaps more audience members didn’t think too much over last year’s season, which is that celebrity costumes in “Maskorama” can also give hints about who’s behind the masks.

Kjell Nordstrom, better known as Baron von Bulldog, this year’s stylist as last year’s for “Mascurama.” To see and hear, confirmed in October that the participants’ fashion Also this year it will bring with it a few hints about who is hiding behind it.

He was still quite discreet.

– There are many things. Something very hidden. Nordstrom told Se Oog Hør that we try not to drop anything too obvious.

well hidden: Last year’s “Maskorama” season was a huge success. But it was not easy to identify all the hints. Photo: NRK
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With the release of costume should look and listen As much as you can explain to you the details of each participant’s fashion, and what it hints at can bring with you. With us we have the former editor of Se og Hør and fashion magazine Henne, and now CEO of Ambera Lifestyle, Ellen Arnstad. We also have KK journalists Mina Knudsen and Ronja Rujnmo.

Here we’ve collected all the hints and revelations from Season 2.

Guessing: Ellen Arnstad and Dagbladet have tried as much as possible to explain the allusions that have appeared so far in Maskorama.  Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB
guess: Ellen Arnstad, with Dagbladet, tried her best to explain the allusions so far in Maskorama. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB
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the key

It’s not easy to explain much of Nøkken’s costume, but some of the hints Nøkken can give so far relate to what the key symbolizes. The key is taken from fairy tales, and refers to a fearsome male who lives in rivers, lakes, or lakes.

In the case of “Makurama” can Hence it is about a man. If a person has something to do with the frightening or the dangerous, we do not dare to give a possible answer.

won: Ulrikke Brandstorp is the winner of ‘Maskorama’, and here she reveals how she tried to trick fans into believing she wasn’t the one hiding behind the troll. Reporter: Robin Pedersen. Video: Ingebjørg Iversen
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On the other hand, Arnstad believes that Noken is a woman.

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– I think this is a woman because of the female form of the costume. The key can be a human, a horse, and a wooden stick. “I have associations with the environment, with animals and with water,” says Arnstad.

For his part, Rognamo is sure that it is a woman.

– I think this is difficult, but she is definitely a woman. I get a very theatrical vibe from the outfit, so maybe it’s an actor.

Knudsen also believes the actor can hide behind Nøkken.

We don't.  Photo: Frederic Arff
we don’t know. Photo: Frederic Arff
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to wear

The dragon is also one of those characters many of which are difficult to explain, based on the outfit. The dragon appears relatively tall.

The dragon as a symbol of nature is often associated with it, and it also has wings to fly. Of course, he is often seen as a tough guy.

Ellen Arnstad believes that Dragen is someone who fights hard, who is very strong and dangerous.

– The pose of the dragon screams rock, says Rugnimo, and thinks the artist can hide behind the mask.

DRAGEN.  Photo: Frederic Arff
to wear. Photo: Frederic Arff
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snow monster

The snow monster has a belt with a star and a hat on its head with a snowflake. It has eight teeth – six down and two up, and snowflakes on both the suit and belt.

The Abominable Snowman, the Yeti, is hiking again in the high mountains of the Himalayas, and the outfit is clearly snow-inspired, and has a star in front of the belt, says Arnstad.

I think there is a man hiding behind the mask. Perhaps in one sport or another, he says, given the belt, he thinks he could be a martial artist.

Knudsen says she doesn’t get much of a snow monster outfit.

I can’t tell who the snow monster could be, says Knudsen.

Picture of the Snow Monster: Frederic Arff
snow monster Photo: Frederic Arff
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One of the new additions to this year’s season is the mermaid. She’s a character that many hints can be hard to get from, at least based on the character’s image. It is clear that the character lies in a basin of gold and in his hand a golden microphone. As is known, mermaids do not have legs, so a person hiding inside cannot walk should not be out of the question.

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Rognemo refers to the same thing, but it indicates:

But for all I know, the bathtub is designed to mislead us.

Success: Marcus Bailey, or “Moose,” came in second on NRK’s ​​hit “Maskorama.” Now he reveals many secrets of the mysterious production. Video: Julie Esther Christiansen / Reporter: Ken Falch
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Mina Knudsen thinks the mermaid may have something to do with ‘Beautiful Sorlandt’.

Ellen Arnstad thinks the hints might be directed at an actress:

– I noticed that the mermaid has a theatrical mask on her head. If he’s an actor, the list is long, and it’s impossible to guess until we hear the voice and get some other hints.

Mermaid.  Photo: Frederic Arff
Mermaid. Photo: Frederic Arff
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Santa is colorful and stylized on both hat, outfit and gloves.

Arnstad believes that a woman is hiding behind a mask.

– There are a lot of very colorful and lush flowers here. Yes, almost Bonad-inspired and very Norwegian. Santa Claus lived in outbuildings on farms according to Scandinavian folklore. The knitted gloves are very pink, says Arnstad, so this must be a woman.

– There are a lot of flowers on the outfit. “I see Santa is wearing a pair of gloves that remind us of mittens,” Rognamo says.

Nissen.  Photo: Frederic Arff
Nissen. Photo: Frederic Arff
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lucky pig

This year’s character the lucky pig is very colorful with lush lips and flowers on the head and body. The outfit is also decorated with flowers.

On the socks of a lucky pig, there are some rather subtle hints. Many colors are represented, and the colors of the rainbow appear to be represented.

“Here’s a Hawaiian floral scent, it’s very floral and feminine, and it’s someone who’s been lucky for some reason,” says Ellen Arnstad.

Masurama: He is ready for the second season of “Maskorama”. Here you have participants! Video: Jenny Emily As / Dagbladet
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“I think the lucky pig is a lively person and not terribly arrogant,” says Rognemo.

Knudsen believes the Lucky Pig costume may be related to the participant’s character.

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Colorful pig with wreaths and a Hawaiian shirt, says Knudsen.

Lucky pig.  Photo: Frederic Arff
lucky pig. Photo: Frederic Arff
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the Frog

The frog has two large stars on the left side of the jacket. Last year, the stars of the troll, who later turned out to be Ulrich Brandstrup, brought in a rather big hint. Brandstorp was actually a participant in “Star Wars” on NRK. So it is not inconceivable that this year the frog was a former participant in the “Star Wars”.

There are also several staples on the frog’s costume, including “Frog Kiss”, “Oslolov”, “Can’t Sing”, “Royal” and “Queen”.

Thus there is no shortage of royal references, and in addition, the frog has a body on its head that can resemble a crown. So if Jan Thomas guesses, this year as last year, that a member of the royal family is hiding behind a character, the frog could be a good candidate.

The frog also bears the symbol of “peace” on the costume.

A possible hint, says Knudsen, is that the frog is jumping from one place to another.

– Here there are ribbons and many medals, and the frog jumps high and far, says Arnstad. You think it might refer to an athlete.

frog.  Photo: Frederic Arff
frog. Photo: Frederic Arff
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The bear has red hearts on the mantle that swings in the air. Red, white, and gold colors are represented on the mantle. The teddy bear holds another teddy bear in his hand, and Arnstad thinks this might be a hint.

– This is a kind-hearted person who means something to others the way a person holds a little teddy bear. A teddy bear means a lot to children, says Arnstad.

Rognmo believes the hints can point in several directions, mentioning both the athlete and the Barne-TV host. She indicates that the bear has a scarf with black and red hearts, and you think so can Hint that he is playing poker.

This article was originally published in Dagbladet.

Bamsen.  Photo: Frederic Arff
Pamsen. Photo: Frederic Arff
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