Prince Harry: – Passport certified:

Prince Harry: - Passport certified:

Prince Harry (36) was undoubtedly in the storm Several times in the past two years, and there’s almost nothing he does that the British and American tabloids don’t get along with.

In 2019, it became a Duchess Meghan (40) Including a cue for the holiday they were in.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex It is famous for its great commitment when it comes to the environmental challenges the world faces, but there are many times Show that word and action are two different things.

Many thought they were Hypocrisy in talking about climate challenges – Then fly in a private jet for a vacation in luxury. And now they did it again.

For me, it’s about changing behaviour. Prince Harry said last year regarding the release of the documentary “Waterbear” on Netflix that there were a lot of people saying they had to, but it was really about doing something.

– stupid

Now he’s once again exploding around him, having recently boarded a private jet after a polo game in Aspen, Colorado. The 36-year-old flew 1,200 kilometers to Santa Barbara’s California home, and is now being referred to as a hypocrite in many ways, Danish writes. BT.

Despair: Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is attracting attention. Video: CBS
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– It’s a big battle issue today. There is a lot of interest in it, and this means that you have to tread carefully. can not be Not Be climate friendly, Bachmann Jensen, associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Copenhagen, tells the Danish newspaper.

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– It’s stupid. Not because Prince Harry and others think they can walk on water, but they think they can fly under the radar, and they don’t. The eyes of the world are on her and she cannot act undetected. It’s obvious stupidity, he continues.

More luxury travel

Prince Harry is said to have previously claimed that 99 per cent of his travels are via scheduled flights.

Bachmann points out, however, that since Prince is not just one, and he has raised his voice in the fight against climate, it will be noted if he is “wrong.” So he thinks it’s clear more people are reacting, and the 36-year-old is thought to have had another scratch in the paint.

Prince Harry’s warning: Thomas Markle Jr, Meghan Markle’s brother, will appear in ‘Big Brother VIP – Australia’. There he says he warned Prince Harry about Meghan. Video Channel 7
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according to the sun Harry and Meghan were on a little tour two years ago, and all trips have to take place on a private jet. According to the British tabloid, the couple were on three flights in a very short time.

They also traveled to Sicily at the end of July 2019, and at the beginning of August of the same year Travel to Ibiza. The recent trip made a number of international headlines.

A humanitarian problem

Among those who looked red at the time, perhaps not surprisingly, The outspoken TV profile of Piers Morgan, 56, who has frequently criticized Meghan in particular. Reply by writing the following Twitter:

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“Saving the Planet – One Private Jet at a Time”, which can be translated to “Saving the Planet – One Private Jet at a Time”.

Prince Harry: Prince Harry talks to Oprah in a new series with Apple.
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“Climate change is a human problem, not a political one, and here we have been very slow to wake up, realize the problems and take action against the harmful way we live on this earth,” Prince Harry said of climate challenges. two years ago.

We now have the facts, science, technology, and capabilities to save not only our planet, but ourselves. He continued: “You can not just sit back and wait for solutions, but you have to take action and help.

At the time of writing, Prince has not commented on criticism of the trip.

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