Lisa Kudrow: – The worst I’ve ever met

Lisa Kudrow: - The worst I've ever met

Lisa Kudrow (59 years old) is best known for her role as Phoebe Buffay in the TV series “Friends”. With this role, a long life came into the spotlight and a huge fan base, to this day they closely follow the life of the star.

But not everyone is a fan of Kudrow. Now the star is accused of being “naughty” in front of others.

Reprimanded by a TV personality

It is the American TV personality Spencer Pratt (39), known from the series “The Hills”, who reaches out to Kudrow. He does this on the video platform TikTok, where he answers the questions of his followers.

When Pratt is asked who is the most mean celebrity he’s met, he points his finger at the “Friends” actor.

Not happy: Spencer Pratt doesn't have nice things to say about Lisa Kudrow.  Pictured here with his wife, Heidi Montag.  Photo: AdMedia / Splash News / NTB

Not happy: Spencer Pratt doesn’t have nice things to say about Lisa Kudrow. Pictured here with his wife, Heidi Montag. Photo: AdMedia / Splash News / NTB
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– it’s easy. The vibe of “Friends”. He says in no doubt that he is one of the most malicious people I have ever met the video.

Pratt, who is married to Heidi Montag, 35, claims that the meeting took place when he and his wife attended their first elite party. The party was star-studded, making Pratt and Montag feel unwelcome.

The mood shouldn’t have improved when they reached out to Lisa Kudrow.

– It was a little shocking, since no one talked to us at the party. Lisa tells Heidi, right in front of my face, that she needs to get away from me ASAP, because I’m going to kill Heidi and I have the eyes of a serial killer, he says in a follow up video by us weekly.

Kudrow has not commented on Pratt’s comments.

Laughter: Jennifer Aniston was joking when she talked about the time after the end of ‘Friends’ and the split from Brad Pitt. Video: YouTube / Ellentop
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She returned

Although it’s been nearly twenty years since the last episode of Friends aired on TV, the series has filled Kudrow’s schedule in recent years. Last year, the cast all came back with their own show on HBO Max.

But the comeback also led to an increased focus on the series. Thus, many people have noticed details that may not fully correspond to today’s society.

The series has been criticized, among other things, for a lack of diversity in race and skin tone – Kudrow Criticism replied in August.

– The actor said in an interview with I think it was a series created by two people based on their private lives after college daily monster in August.

Interact: Many people react to the vocal habit that Jennifer Aniston had when she played in Friends.
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Kudrow believes that in character-driven comedies, you have to write about what you know. Although she agreed that there was a lack of variety in the series, she had the following to say:

– It was not their job (series creators, scholarly journals) to tell what it means to be non-white.

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