Here’s the Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck in Norway

Here's the Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck in Norway

It caused quite a stir when Ford came out with news that it was making an electric version of the big F-series pickup, called the F-150 Lightning.

Here at home, there has been speculation from day one about whether the importer will bring it to Norway. But the signals from there were negative. Nor did it help the car get a great reception at home in the US, with long waiting lists.

There are no concrete plans to launch Lightning in Norway or Europe, the message was from Ford’s Norwegian CIO Anne Sønsteby.

stop and wait

But things are happening now in this area. Broom editor-in-chief Vegard Møller Johnsen is among those invited for a test drive at Ford on Monday morning. And he has interesting things to say:

– In advance, we did not know what we were going to drive, only that this was big news. Then it was only natural to think of lightning. And just as true: I was waiting when I got to Son a few minutes ago. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many auto journalists assembled in Norway before, says Wiegard.

We saw it in the US – and announced a buying spree

Long on English signs. The question is when will we see this car in Norwegian.

unique position

– Does this mean launch in Norway?

– So far I have not confirmed it, but yes: I want to believe it so badly! We know that the importer put a lot of effort into getting the car into Norway. The challenge, of course, is that Ford has such a high demand for it in the United States. Then it probably doesn’t necessarily make sense to take out the cars and send them to Norway. But at the same time, Norway has a unique position in the field of electric cars, which caught attention at Ford’s headquarters in Detroit as well. The big question is probably how fast this can pass. I hope to know more about that later today, says Wiegard.

He adds:

– I just went to Lightning indoors at an auto show in Los Angeles – now I’m really looking forward to driving it myself. We have 30 minutes behind the wheel later today. Then there’s a deadline tomorrow morning to talk about driving impressions.

100 customers buy this – every hour

Ford is working hard on the lifestyle in marketing the F-150 Lightning.  They obviously hit the nail on the head with that.

Ford is working hard on the lifestyle in marketing the F-150 Lightning. They obviously hit the nail on the head with that.

2 battery packs

The price of the car in the United States starts at just under 40 thousand dollars, or about 400,000 Norwegian kroner. The F-150 Lightning is available with two battery packs. One of them gives a range of 370 kilometers – the largest is 484 kilometers. This is measured according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) method, which is stricter than WLTP which is the basis of the range of cars sold in Europe.

The entry-level model has two engines and a power of 432 horsepower. While the top model should have 571 horsepower and 1,050 Nm of torque.

It should be able to carry a payload of up to 900kg and be able to tow a maximum of 4,500kg on variants with the largest battery and the so-called Max Trailer Tow package.

Here, the F-50 Lightning is being produced in the USA

The front luggage compartment is huge, and the car can also serve as a power source.

The front luggage compartment is huge, and the car can also serve as a power source.

solid lady

What Ford calls smart backup power allows you to extract 9.6 kilowatts of power. You can use vehicle power as a power source for tools or other power-requiring products, when you are not near a power grid.

Under the front cover there is a large box with a capacity of about 400 liters in which you can carry more than 180 kg. The waterproof compartment is also equipped with four power outlets, two USB ports and can be drained.

The undercarriage is reinforced with metal plates to protect the batteries and engine from rough terrain. The battery is also further protected by a waterproof case wrapped in shock-absorbing material.

Read more about Ford F-150 lighting here:

Video: Here we met him at a US auto show

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