– Very Bad Results – V.G

- Very Bad Results - V.G
“Not needed”: Outgoing Avisa Oslo editor Magne Stortel.

Magne Stortel himself tells industry magazine Kompanje that he was told that this was the reason Amedia made him an editor because of their huge investment in capital.

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14 million in income, 62.5 million in operating expenses and a 48.5 million deficit tax calculation.

This is the case for Avisa Oslo AS in 2021.

On Monday morning, a press release from Amedia announced that editor Magne Stortel is stepping down from his position effective immediately after nearly two years on the job.

No reason was given there, but Monday afternoon’s industry magazine had it Propaganda Got feedback from Stortel.

– The reason why I was not searched further was because of bad results, according to Kampanje, he writes in a text message.

And the 64-year-old reveals that he is now retired, but looking forward to what the future holds.

According to Kompanje, Avisa Oslo had 8,000 subscribers as of July this year. The editor himself has previously expressed dissatisfaction with subscription figures.

– High investment

Arne Reginiussen, president of Avisa Oslo, has also been replaced, while Morten Nilsson, director of media organizations at Amedia, has been appointed.

– Nilsen tells Kompanje that we don’t have satisfactory funds and we need to gain control over the operation so that we can achieve a healthy operation.

– Amedia established Avisa Oslo on 30 November 2020. Amid the demanding pandemic, we invested heavily. Magne Stortel has led the work as editor and general manager in its initial phase. Within two years, together with the rest of the editorial staff, he has established a strong competitive position in mainstream news, for which we are grateful and proud, and we will continue to build on it.

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Avisa Oslo’s new editor is Christine Stoltenberg, who is stepping down as editor-in-chief and general manager at Nordstrands Plat.

He starts his new job as teacher on Tuesday.

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