The SP leadership will talk more about the climate after the disaster measurements

The SP leadership will talk more about the climate after the disaster measurements

In two weeks, the number of prime ministerial candidates in the role of Drive Sloxwald has become less and less.

TV2 has the latest party barometer The central party was reduced to 13 percent. Ten percent away from Labor support.

On Monday night, Vedam presided over the party’s Central Board meeting, where the party’s dramatic support was the low topic.

Crisis debate

Local S.P. about the role decline.

At the meeting, several participants shared their concerns about the party’s downfall, but no change in the party’s strategy was emphasized – except in two parts:

The fight against climate change has so far been the most important issue in the election campaign. Internal analysis in the Central Party has now missed what should be the main theme of the party election campaign here. The role of party leader Trickway Sloxwald, among other things, has described the party as a car party, the media coverage of the struggle against non-emission zones and the opposition to increasing the CO2 tax on fuel.

At the party’s central committee meeting on Monday night, the party discussed how to deal with the climate issue, which now occupies a high place in the election campaign. According to TV2 sources, the party leadership will now unite to use the opportunity to make the party’s climate policy independent, and the central party has made it clear that it will halve Norway’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Trying for a headache

Another headache for the central party’s election campaign is its relationship with the Socialist Left Party (SV), the question of whether they should participate in a possible red-green government after the election.

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In numerous interviews, Trive Sloxwald has failed to make it clear whether the central party can accept the role of SV as part of such a government. Instead, the role emphasized the SP’s preferred government alternative: a government formed separately by the central party and the Labor Party.

In addition, the role today is open to compromise with the parties that form the parliamentary base of Prime Minister Erna Solberg: Conservatives, Liberals, Liberals and Christian Democrats. In an interview in Uptonboston from this summer, the character said:

New TV2 Calibration: Now the SP-Driveway is collapsing

– We believe the Norwegian NATO membership is important, and so do conservatives. And then because they are called conservative, we have to be against it. This is ultimately the decisive case, the role said Aftonboston July 3.


– I believe that the Conservatives should also be involved in any adjustments in immigration policy. Because it’s not big bumps, it has to be stability, the SP leader said.


At the Central Board meeting on Monday night, the fact that the party leadership was not clear about this may have frightened voters. Therefore, the role they need to be clear in the future No. He wants to cooperate with the right after the election, but the goal is definitely a change.

In an interview with TV2 on Monday night, Vedam said:

Since 2016 we have been clear: we want to change the Conservatives and the Liberal Party, and we want to form a government with the Central Party and the Labor Party. “We want a new curriculum for Norway,” he said.

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The role of Driveway Sloxwald will not be interviewed on TV2 on Tuesday. In a text message to TV2, General Secretary Nut M. Olson writes about TV2’s discussions of party strategy:

“Yesterday’s central committee meeting was a normal committee meeting and we did not comment on speculation or anonymous sources from internal meetings.” Olson writes.

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