Historical solution: Announces higher wage demands

Historical solution: Announces higher wage demands

The farmers came with one Historically high demand NOK 11.5 billion annual agricultural settlement.

And they are far from being asked: the government is providing $ 10.15 billion, and the parties are expected to negotiate a solution in the coming weeks.

The 10 billion agrarian solution is historically high – in comparison, 900 were given to farmers Millions By the government last year.

Expect more now

Nurses will soon be negotiating their own pay, and the Norwegian Nurses Association has recorded with great interest the historic impact of farmers.

– It’s clear that this affects expectations in our wage settlement, union leader Lil Schwarzenegger told Larson Dockbladet.

One of the arguments put forward by the farmers in advance of their enormous demands was the national importance of the industry. Sverresdatter Larsen points out that health services are also central to Norway’s emergency preparedness in times of uncertainty.

– I am from the Agricultural Municipality of Paulsport and see agriculture as an important component in Norway’s readiness. Equally important for emergency preparedness, he says, is the availability of health services across the country, and the shortage of nurses here is a serious shortcoming and risk.

– No one gets the same

Both the Conservative Party and the Greens stumbled upon the government’s offer to farmers yesterday. Both bourgeois parties warned against spending money, And it will create sky-high expectations on the wage solution. The parties point out that the money received from one place, should cut something.

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– My first reaction: This is a lot of money! Lean Westcard tells Halle (H) Docbladet that in 2022 no other industry group will receive the same incentives as farmers.

The right-wing top fears that the bill will be passed on to consumers, saying that no industry group can expect the goodwill that farmers now receive.

– Now we have not yet looked at the calculation, but there is a real risk that this could mean more expensive food in stores. In one place, this 10 billion will be taken, she continues.

Extra money

The Norwegian Nurses Association knows that the government should follow the same template in negotiating with them, which agreed with the farmers.

In short: money must be spent to raise wages significantly.

– It is better for the government to go with extra money to strengthen the food supply. The same should be done in health care. We have meant it all the time.

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