Norwegian politics, single Roger Enoxsen

Norwegian politics, single Roger Enoxsen

Norway’s basic policy is stable, but in some areas the United States will have more opportunity to store its equipment in Norway. There is no talk of permanent US forces.

According to Defense Minister Odd Roger Enoksen (Sp), the government wants Norway and the United States to enter into what is in the new defense agreement.

Requesting permission

The government has asked Sporting to approve a new agreement with the United States on security cooperation.

– This agreement further enhances important cooperation with the United States. Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt (Labor) says this is paramount in protecting Norway’s security and Norwegian interests, but also in Europe’s security.

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The deteriorating security situation in Europe and Russia’s attacks on Ukraine are bringing about a lasting change in our security policy environment.

A Press release The government writes that the Security Cooperation Agreement between Norway and the United States will make it easier for the United States to provide Norway with rapid and effective military reinforcements.

– It is unrealistic for Norway to defend itself exclusively with its own forces. We are members of NATO and will support us as other NATO countries support us. “If we want to protect each other in the alliance, it is important that the United States and other allies prepare for Norway reinforcements in training, training, pre-storage and other means,” he said.

The agreement was negotiated under the Solberg government and signed in the spring of 2021.

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Changing the alarm

On Friday, Defense Minister Ode Roger Enoxsen (SP) will present to Sporting a government report on priority changes, status and measures in the defense sector. On the same day, a sub-agreement on defense cooperation with the United States was sent to Sporting.

Delays and increased spending in the armed forces are causing concern among the defense minister.

– The status of the armed forces is not where it should be, says Enoxen.

– New material is coming later than planned, construction projects are becoming more expensive, and we have challenges in retaining and recruiting the right expertise. He warns that this is a matter of concern to the security situation we are in after the occupation of Ukraine.

Enoksen now announces a comprehensive review to assess which re-priorities are necessary.

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Delayed and expensive

It is already clear that many projects will be later and more expensive than planned. This also applies to new submarines, among other things, which increase operating costs and make them less available than planned.

Growth in Evenes and ├śrlandet will also be more expensive than planned, and problems with NH90 helicopters remain unresolved. According to the government, this poses a challenge to warships and the Coast Guard. In addition, maintenance lag in construction is significant

Key effects on Norwegian security

New warplanes and surveillance aircraft will strengthen the Armed Forces in the long run, but the change will challenge operational capability, the statement said.

– The Russian invasion of Ukraine had a major impact on Norwegian security. Russia has significant security interests in the north. It affects Norway and NATO. Going forward, Enoxen says Norway will need more to maintain influence in our immediate areas.

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– Weaknesses on the staff side

Enoksen was already clear that the Norwegian Armed Forces needed to be strengthened. He told this to the Politisk kvarter on March 9:

Investments occupy a large part of the defense budget. We need to further strengthen security in the North and create a garrison that will be an important task in the future. Enoksen said strengthening security in the north was one of the most important priorities of this government.

Shortly afterwards, the government announced that it was allocating $ 3 billion to increase the activity and readiness of the armed forces, especially in the north.

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