Lots of snow in the mountains in southern Norway on Wednesday – Viji

Lots of snow in the mountains in southern Norway on Wednesday - Viji
Lots of snow on the road: Up to 20 centimeters of snow is likely to fall on the mountains on Wednesday afternoon, here is Strainfzellet where the snow started to fall on Tuesday.

Winters in southern Norway are windy with up to 500 meters of snow and strong winds on Wednesday afternoon. Make sure you have a good fit on all four wheels and two legs in the fall vacation hills.


Heavy rainfall in the form of snowfall and strong winds has been reported to pose challenges to motorists and those on holiday in the hills. Therefore, the Norwegian Meteorological Center has issued a yellow alert.

The beginning of the season and many more are still driving with summer tires and not ready for winter, so we have set the threshold for a slightly lower risk alert than the season says duty meteorologist Per Eagle Haga Meteorological Agency.

In some parts of Norway it is still autumn vacation, and many have added vacations in the mountains.

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A strong depression has formed near Iceland and intensified on the way to eastern Norway with thunderstorms in southern Norway late Wednesday.

Most snowfall is expected along the highlands in the highlands west, west of Jட்டுtgenheim and in the Strainefzellet, where there will be 5-15 cm of snow, with 20 cm in the most exposed areas.

– So it needs to be plowed a little there, says meteorologist Per Eagle Haga.

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Winds will first hit western Norway, with strong southern winds and mild gusts of 18-22 m / s off the coast of Sock Oak Fjordan and Sunmer.

Snow may fall over the Telemark, over Puskert, north of Inland County, and more than 500 meters east of Norway.

Both Norland and Troms receive white solutions, almost up to the path rocks. A western weather type and cold weather.

Mountain Transition: On Tuesday, light snow covered Tyrone 1245 Mass on National Road 7 over Hortangerwiden. On Wednesday, more is expected.

It will rain quickly

But not before winter comes, and then the mild weather pushes with less pressure. You have to go over 1600 meters to reduce the snowfall.

– From Rockland to Trantolac, the rainfall will be rapid, with the first in the southwest until Thursday. Then further north and east.

At the back of the low pressure area, strong winds are expected from the north.

Thundershowers will occur in southern Norway on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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– We are enjoying the mild taste of winter and there was frost in many places in southern Norway until Tuesday night. The tinset was very cold with -3.6 degrees. In Oslo, the night temperature at Pictேயe was 0.2 degrees, Haga says.

But still autumn. We define it as winter only when the daytime temperature drops below zero degrees. In Oslo, this usually happens on December 1st. Currently it is 7.2 degrees – good distance from winter.

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