Kareena Doll Gains One Million Profit In 2021 – VG

Kareena Doll Gains One Million Profit In 2021 - VG
Fighted: Kareena Doll on her latest “Star Wars” broadcast last fall.

He hopes to finish third in “Star Wars” in 2022. He also believes that he would have finally gone to Navu.


The 36-year-old artist from Trondheim has doubled his decision on his company Carina Dahl Entertainment AS from 2020 to 2021. It shows the annual accounts of the company.

Turnover increased from NOK 1.15 million to NOK 1.83 million. Profit before tax increased from 450,000 to 1.04 million.

Doll has taken a dividend of 300,000. He owns all the shares in the company, where he is also the general manager, for which he paid 200,000.

Fell between the chairs

According to Vijay, the most important reason for the difference between 2020 and 2021 was that 2020 had more comprehensive coronary controls, Doll said.

– I lost so much income and fell between chairs in connection with gaining support.

According to Daleen, in early 2020 he was engaged in the task of transforming his business from a sole proprietorship to a limited company. Hennessy AS was registered on March 23 in the VAT Register.

– But when it comes to support programs, if you have AS, you need to create it before March 1 to get support.

Eventually, Doll sought support from Navi. The experience does not provoke repetition.

– I’m always managed myself, but as an artist now when I once asked Nav for help, it was so hard, he says.

– For example, if I take a singing lesson, Nav thinks I am Pays Because, there is work. The fired chef is like cooking for his family, is he at work? I hope I never have to be under the tongue anymore.

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Worn out and interrupted

From his annual accounts he seems to have dismissed himself for menstruation.

According to Dolin, his 2021 earnings were just before the “Star Wars” weeks of autumn, where he received a lot of accolades and finished in bronze.

Then she went straight on tour. It was cut in half due to new restrictions.

– By then I had already lost six kilos and was very tired, but I thought I should use torque.

However, Doll hopes the “Star Wars” effect will make 2022 a better year for him.

– I think maybe “Star Wars” has increased my market value, so I hope the effort I put in there will pay off this year. At least it’s fine now.

Doll says he worked hard all his life to make a living by singing.

– I’m been broken for years. But I never give up.

In the latest available tax lists, for 2020, he is listed with assets of more than 1.3 million.

– It’s mostly I think I’m renting two apartments in Trondheim.

It is now Spellman candidate The artist explains that there is a certain distance between the life highlights he offers on Instagram and the life he actually lives.

– I understand that people may think it’s weird that you “make a living” on something that looks like you’re happy on Instagram, she laughs.

– But I do real estate, save on crypto, do concerts, consulting jobs and insta jobs.

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