Rental prices have risen by 7.7 percent in the past year – E24

Rental prices have risen by 7.7 percent in the past year – E24

Throughout the past year, rental prices in major cities have risen more than in 2022. This is a new record.

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Recent statistics show that Property Norway.

– We are now reversing two years of historically large growth in rental prices, managing director Henning Lauridsen said in a press release.

– In 2022 and 2023, rental prices in Norway have risen by up to 15.2 percent. Rent prices rose 15.8 percent from 2013 to 2021, roughly the same amount, he says.

In the fourth quarter, rental prices actually fell 1 percent in the four largest cities. In the past year, the same price has risen by 7.7 percent.

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Stavanger and Sandnes had strong growth in the fourth quarter with an increase of 0.8 percent.

In Bergen it was unchanged, while in Oslo prices fell by 0.7 percent. Trondheim saw a 5.8 percent drop in rental prices in the fourth quarter.

However, throughout the year, Lauridsen says, Stavanger, Sandnes and Oslo stand out with particularly strong growth.

– In the oil capital, rental prices grew by 9.3 percent over the year, while in the capital grew by 9.2 percent. Bergen had modest growth of 3.3 percent, while Trondheim ended with negative growth of minus 2.7 percent, he says.

The statistics are produced by Eiendomsverdi with data from FINN, Utleiemegleren, Heimstaden, Krogsveen, Quality Living, Sem & Johnsen and USBL.

On Wednesday, similar figures came from, which showed that the average price in Norway rose by 7.5 percent in the fourth quarter compared to the previous period.

Renting in Norway now costs an average of NOK 12,387 per month. And the price is rising sharply.

As recently as 2021, average prices on exceeded NOK 10,000 nationally for the first time. On average, a tenant now pays NOK 34,000 more per year than three years ago.

– Then we thought it was too much, and we saw that many politicians suddenly started talking about the rental market. Kjetil J. Olsen, general manager of, told E24 on Wednesday that after the epidemic, the average tenant will have to pay around NOK 24,000 in rent a year, which is equivalent to two extra months of rent.

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