“Pia” is coming tonight: – maybe a hurricane!

“Pia” is coming tonight: – maybe a hurricane!

On Thursday night, Cyclone “Pia” will hit the Westland coast.

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– A wind speed of 40 meters per second – this is a lot, says meteorologist Alexander Scheldtve, who works at the Meteorological Institute.

He predicted a gradual increase in wind speed Thursday afternoon.

– Then there will be a strong storm and a tornado in strength!

So the meteorologist has a clear appeal to Westerners:

– Maybe you need to anchor the boats well and tie things up properly – no party tents!

– Maybe not many party tents in winter?

– No, probably not.

The message still stands. Varsom has issued an orange warning for wind. The warning says that wind can carry or blow away objects, and there is a danger to buildings and infrastructure.

“Cancelled departures by boat, plane or other transportation are anticipated”.

There is color line and DFDS canceled many of its flights Thursday. The meteorologist also says the storm will have effects on local ferry connections in western Norway.

Are you going out for a drive?

This may spell trouble for Jupiter’s Christmas journey.

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– Estimate a good time, and that actually applies to large parts of southern Norway, says Sköldvet.

He says wind will affect driving conditions in western Norway, while some snow is expected in the Oslofjord.

– Cars don’t need that much snow before they drive slowly. There will be heavy traffic then

Skuldvet also believes mountain passes will struggle to stay open because of, among other things, the risk of avalanches.

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