Unloading cargo ship in Oslo – Car ends up at sea – NRK Oslo og Viken – Local news, TV and radio

Unloading cargo ship in Oslo – Car ends up at sea – NRK Oslo og Viken – Local news, TV and radio

– When we arrived, other people pulled the man out of the water, so he is now being cared for by the health system. We dived around the car, there were no people in the water, and now we are preparing to take the car out of the water, task leader Svein Arild Gerundland tells NRK.

The driver was recovered on the ground and is expected to be safe. The man was taken to the emergency department for evaluation.

Apparently it’s going well. He’s been in the water, and it’s cold, so he’s being taken care of by paramedics and then being questioned by police about why the car ended up in the water, Jorundland says.

Police said that the depth of the car is 15 meters.

Police along with other emergency services were called out in the morning after reports of a car going over the edge of the sea.

Photo: William Jobling / NRK

How did the car sink into the water?

It was a new car, so it happened in connection with the unloading of new cars from the ferry, which would be docked at the marina. While going from the ferry to the car park, the car somehow went over the edge of the bank and plunged into the water.

He was alone in the car

The man said he was alone in the car and divers dived the car and the surrounding area. There are no more people there.

Operations chief Svein Arild Jørundland said a car fell into the sea while unloading a cargo ship on Sjursøya in Oslo on Thursday.

Head of Operations is Sven Arild Jorundland.

Photo: William Jobling / NRK

What are you doing next?

Now we are getting ready to lift the car out of the water. The driver is being interrogated. Then there is the usual announcement from the Norwegian Labor Inspectorate.

The person will be employed at the port and will be involved in unloading new cars ashore before they go to the dealers.

Find out what happened and prevent it from happening again. We also investigate whether anything criminal has happened and conduct breath tests,” says the duty chief.

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