Russia is carrying out one of the largest missile attacks against Ukraine since the war began

Russia is carrying out one of the largest missile attacks against Ukraine since the war began

Russia strikes again with missiles. Today’s attack is the most extensive.

This photo is supposed to show how Ukrainian air defense systems shot down a Russian missile over Kyiv on Thursday morning.

Several million Ukrainians took refuge this morning as a flight alert went off across the country.

13 Russian strategic bombers have taken off from airfields in Russia, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. In addition, warships and submarines of the Black Sea Fleet took part in the attack.

Ukrainian air defense fired at Russian missiles that were on their way to several Ukrainian cities.

More than 120 Russian missiles attacked targets Thursday morning. An adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky claims so Twitter. Another adviser said more than 100 missiles were on their way.

If so, this is one of the largest missile attacks since the war began.

And starting at eight o’clock came the first reports of explosions.

But how many hit targets? How many Ukrainian air defenses can it stop?

This morning there was a massive missile attack over Ukraine.

The photos are from an artillery attack on Kherson on Christmas Eve, in which ten people were killed and 58 wounded.

These are the cities that have been attacked

The Russian attack began with a night drone attack.

The Ukrainian Air Force reported this cable.

Then came the missiles fired by Russian planes, ships and submarines.

In the morning hours, powerful explosions were reported in Kyiv, Poltava, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Rivne, Zhitomir and Chernihiv.

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It is not clear whether the sounds of explosions were caused by Ukrainian air defenses or Russian missiles.

It is also difficult to know what hit the Russian missile. In Ukraine, it is strictly forbidden to take pictures or report where the missiles fell. The reason is that the Russian military uses this to direct attacks.

From Kyiv, two people were injured after two houses were hit by missile debris. An industrial plant and a park will also be hit.

– The first missiles hit Sumy, the headman of the Mykolaiv region reported Vitaly Kim.

– He claimed today that we will set a new record in shooting down missiles.

Ukraine’s air defense claimed that a Russian missile was shot down near Sumy, in addition to five missiles that landed on the Black Sea.

Electricity was cut off in several regions, including Odessa and Dnipro, to limit the fallout from the Russian missile attacks.

This morning Russia launched one of the largest missile attacks against Ukraine since the beginning of the war. The photo from the Russian military shows a cruise missile fired at Ukraine in October from a Russian warship.

Who will win the missile battle over Ukraine?

Since the beginning of October, Russia has carried out seven major missile attacks, the purpose of which is to destroy energy supplies and critical infrastructure.

In addition, there are daily, albeit smaller, attacks with drones and missiles.

On November 15, the largest attack came with about 100 Russian missiles. Since then, there have been new missile attacks about a week apart.

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At the time, the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine claimed that Russia had enough resources for only 3-4 attacks.

Since then, there have been six major attacks. Some power plants have already been attacked eight times. A number of power stations were bombed three to five times.

It shows how the Russian missile war happens.

Russian generals are waiting for the Ukrainians to repair the damage. Then they attack again.

At the same time, there are many, sometimes conflicting, reports about the number of Russian missiles being shot down.

According to figures compiled by Aftenposten based on reports from the Ukrainian Air Force, the Ukrainian Air Force managed to shoot down about 80 percent of the missiles.

However, these numbers should be taken with a large grain of salt.

It is impossible to verify these statistics.

It is also well documented that the Russian attacks had the devastating consequences of massive and frequent power outages, affecting millions of Ukrainians.

The photo shows the results of a Ukrainian attack on the Russian airport in Engels on December 4. This week, Ukraine managed to carry out another attack on the airport.

How is the war going now?

Despite today’s major new Russian missile attack, both Ukrainian and many Western sources confirm that Russian missile stockpiles are beginning to run out.

– Russia will go empty-handed, said the head of the Ukrainian intelligence service, Kirillo Budanov, to

He sums up War Like These on Thursday in an interview with BBC.

– The situation is just closed. There is no movement.

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– We can’t fight them in all directions. And they can’t, Budanov said.

Patriot missiles at Rzeszow Airport, Poland in March 2022. Now the United States has promised to deliver such missiles to Ukraine.

– So we’re very much looking forward to new weapons being delivered, more advanced weapons arriving.

The Ukrainians have carried out several attacks against military targets deep inside Russia. The goal is to hit Russian strategic bombers while they are on the ground.

On Monday, the Engels military airport on the Volga River was attacked by Ukrainian missiles.

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