A woman received a baked potato as a Christmas gift from work, and she must tax it

A woman received a baked potato as a Christmas gift from work, and she must tax it

A woman in the United States was surprised to learn that the Christmas present she received from her work came in the form of a potato.

“My job has a potato as a bonus for Christmas. I literally get potatoes as a bonus. They also said it’s worth $15 so it will be taxed on my next check. Does anyone need an assistant so I can quit now?” writes user Amanda J Panda on X in a post shared online.

The bewildered worker published a series of posts describing the gift she received.

However, she admits that the potatoes were an improvement over last year’s gift, which was a 30-minute video conference with company management.

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The post, which has received more than 2.7 million views, attracted hundreds of comments, which were also amazed by the unusual Christmas gift.

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Panda eventually appeared to accept the gift and asked her followers if she should take advantage of the offer.

“I think you should bring the potato cannon to the party and let it fly,” one user replied.

Many other users pointed out that it seemed unethical, if not illegal, to tax food, the New York Post wrote.

“Can you include it in your retirement system?” one person asked, while another asked: “Does this mean you have to return 25 percent of the potatoes?”

Several other companies offered links to standard workplace tax legislation, and others suggested filing a complaint with the company’s HR department.

Many also suggested resigning and looking for a better workplace.

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“People are asking me to start a fight or riot, I need my job,” Banda wrote.

Good gift?

In conclusion, she seemed to be preparing her unusual gift, and after only a few days, she shared a photo of stuffed baked potatoes with her followers.

“The moment you’ve all been waiting for, the potato I have to tax $15 on,” she wrote alongside a photo of the potato.

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