Good driving conditions home from Easter holidays – expected equally on the roads – VG

Good driving conditions home from Easter holidays - expected equally on the roads - VG
Holiday Traffic: There is always the risk of queues on the way home from the Easter holidays. A smooth road is expected on Easter 1st and 2nd.

Many Norwegians go home from the Easter holiday on Sunday. Delays and slow moving queues have been reported in many places.


This year the Easter holiday is coming to an end, and many are heading home after spending Easter days in the cabin or family reunion.

Vegtrafikksentralen sør reports high traffic, long delays and slow moving lines on the E16 between Hønefoss and Sandvika.

The extension was reported as a one-hour delay.

  • There is heavy traffic and there are slow moving lanes on National Road 7 between Cole and Honefoss.
  • Vegtrafikksentralen reports an increase in traffic and local queues on National Highway 25 towards E6 and Elverme between øst Øyer and Mjøsbrua.
  • On the main roads leading to Oslo, traffic is good at present

– Traffic is increasing, reports Vegtrafikksentralen.

The well-known question of when it is wise to go on the road is again a topic for many.

– There is no final decision here, but traffic operator Trudeau Lindstadt says motorists should be ready for traffic all day today.

Easter weekend is characterized by excellent weather in southern Norway. Lindstad points out that the weather is still good on Sunday, Easter 1st, and Monday, Easter 2nd, and many want to take advantage of it.

– There may be many who postpone a trip home until Monday afternoon. Others are afraid that they will probably get stuck in line tomorrow, so they choose to go home today. We expect a smooth journey on the roads, he says.

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Excellent driving conditions

Last year’s Easter weekend was marked by bad weather. Many of the trails were closed, while others had column drive. Motorists have been asked to postpone their journey home from the Easter holidays due to the storm.

Not so this year, says Lindstadt.

– It is very stable weather, stable driving conditions and dry and beautiful on the roads. He says there are no problems on the mountain roads, so motorists will not face such challenges this weekend.

Snow: Easter weather is at its peak in many parts of the country, with many choosing to take advantage by postponing the journey home from the Easter holidays to the end.

It was nice and warm in southern Norway during the Easter holidays, while the temperature in the north was somewhat colder. The risk of avalanches is even more threatening In many places.

Wherever you are in the country, motorists are asked to drive wisely, keep their distance in line and do not panic on the way home from the Easter holidays.

– Avoid foolish predicament, which is one of the most dangerous things we experience, warns Lindstadt.

More accidents on the top brake than on the line

On the 1st and 2nd day of the Easter holiday last year, 58 cars were damaged in a rear-end collision in the Easter queue, according to figures from industry firm Finance Norge. In the same two days, 243 cars were damaged while parking and reversing.

Sigmund Clements, communications manager at the insurance company, insists in a press release that you will at least be exposed to gas stations, rest areas and parking lots as they are on the Easter line.

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– I would like to compare this a bit with the chaotic days that took place in the malls just before Christmas, says Clements.

– Reminds that accidents occur when parking and driving in first gear.

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