– Lack of a horizon – VG

– Lack of a horizon – VG
Perit Langset, representative of the founding trade union of the Norwegian Nurses Association at Agersche University Hospital (AHAS), is concerned about the continued pressure from nurses.

For the past 21 months, they have been completely priceless, but nurses have been struggling with a persistent sense of inaccessibility, says Berit Longset, representative of the Institutional Union of Nurses at Ahus.


– I’m very worried when we push now, enough is enough, then it’s too late, says Longset Viji.

Longset talks about extra shifts, extra time and no more illness. Feeling out of reach of toes.

– You work with your bodyguards, but still need to take more. But one should try to balance it with the need for rest and relaxation. The feeling of not reaching out persists.

It is a combination of challenges, namely the situation at Agarsus University Hospital (AHAS) now under stress, not just the corona virus.

Compressed capacity: Agershaj University Hospital in Lorenz (Ahaz).

Crying at work

In addition to their normal functionality with their seasonal variations, they try to eliminate waiting lists and backlinks when dealing with an infection and the RS virus.

– This is a very difficult period. We have been working against this infection for almost two years now, and new varieties are emerging. Now that it’s Omigron, that’s what it comes with. There is no horizon. Where does this end, and how many nurses are we in at the end? She asks.

His voice breaks when he talks about the efforts that are now being made among nurses.

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– The efforts of the nurses … I have no words on how to recognize and appreciate the nurses and how proud I am. I was flexible talking about it. Even though we are tired and crying at work, we are still able to mobilize more.

Crown improvement: A nurse picks up a new oxygen bottle for a lung patient in Ahos, Lorenzkok.

Great pause

One in five retirees within ten years. And the retirement age is 58 years. According to one, six out of ten people are thinking about leaving Experiment As Synthef Came this week.

– It tells about the strain that should be in our industry. It does not diminish how much wonderful rewarding work we do, but it is about the conditions in our industry. The state of the structure in the balance between work time and leisure time is to improve our own health and wellness in working life.

The survey was conducted during epidemics, but it was known long before the epidemic that working conditions were required for nurses.

In mid-November, there were 18 intensive care patients in Ahus. But they only have ten intensive care units. Hospitals at Oslo University Hospital were open earlier this year The alarm sounded About their ability.

The government has recently approved 100 new training locations for intensive care nurses.

– It is big and necessary. But we also need to stop leaks from the industry due to working conditions, Longset believes.

– You always feel that you are not good enough because you want to do a lot more. The attention you should have given, you did not manage the conversation. The paradox is that it loses its resilience here.

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Emergency Reception: Temporary beds have been constructed in the emergency room at Ahus.

Tom Reservebank

There has been a constant pressure on hospitals since March 2020.

– Fluctuations have occurred. It follows the waves, at least for those who work in acute and intensive care. But in Ahos, when the wave was successful, they were able in a powerful way to resume normal business, treat waiting patients, and pick up packages from multiple services that were suspended during the first round shutdown. There are definitely gaps with low pressure, but the constant may still be very similar to most people.

Meanwhile, Langset also gave an interview to a local newspaper MittJessheim, I want to have more colleagues, he says, which is one of the most lucrative businesses.

– Being a nurse is very exciting and you can choose and turn down opportunities. You can be a part of everything from the beginning of life to the end of life. It’s about human encounters and our lives. It is both cold and very demanding.

Nurses work because they want to provide world-class healthcare and know that their skills are needed, Longset says. Now he compares the condition of hospitals to being on a football team.

– You may be tired, but on match day and when you have to pose, you have to pose. However, here, the reserve bench is vacant and the question is how long this match will last, he says.

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