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Viewing numbers skyrocketed after “Troll” premiered on Netflix on Thursday, December 1. The next day it was on top all over the world.

Director Rohr Uthog thinks it’s great that the film has been so well received.

– It’s so cool that we can communicate with the whole world. I’ve had this movie idea for a long time, and a lot of us have worked really hard on it, so it’s a lot of fun.

We got close to the troll in the movie “Troll”. The movie is #1 on Netflix in most countries of the world, including Australia, USA, UK, and Brazil.

Photo: Jallo Faber / Netflix © 2022

Norse mythology is common in the world

to me Flixpatrol is a website Who publishes lists of the best films and series that are best broadcast in the world, the film ranks first in most countries, and in a few countries it ranks second or third.

On Sunday, Uthug says he has received a lot of comments.

Roar Othog Director

Director Rohr Uthage is very happy that the film has been so well received.

Image: Netflix

– Your social media inbox is filled with highly motivated people from all over.

He believes that the amazing Norwegian genre and nature make the film interesting to many.

– It is very clear what kind of movie this is. And in the trailer it looks great, and we see the wonderful Norwegian nature. The quirky nature and the fact that the plot is based on Norse mythology I think is popular in the world, Othog says.


Captain Chris (Mads Sigurd Petersen). Nora (In Marie Wellman), Andreas (Kim S. Falk-Jorgensen) and Tobias (Jared P. Eidsvold) in “Troll”.

Photo: Jallo Faber / Netflix © 2022

In the film, we meet paleontologist Nora Tiedemann, played by Ine-Marie Wellman. She is unexpectedly brought from field work to a secret command center in Oslo, where, among other things, the Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Chief of Defense are sitting in a crisis meeting.

An eruption in Dover has revived something inside the mountain.

– Christmas present at that time

– As a screenwriter I must have some eloquent words, but I am completely speechless. This is the Christmas gift of those times, says Espen Okan from Kristiansund, who wrote the script and had a birthday on the day of the premiere.

– the heart beats. At the weekend there was an influx of messages and people all over the world seemed to be having fun with the Norwegians “troll”.

Poster for the Netflix Troll movie

The troll can also camouflage itself in the movie “Troll”.

Image: Netflix

Troll is produced by Espen Horn and Kristian Strand Sinkerud, and Horn says the feedback is absolutely overwhelming.

– That’s absolutely crazy. Netflix represents 190 countries, and we wouldn’t have come close to believing that the movie is now number one. We are very proud and happy. I think the dwarf raises a lot of interest. This is an elf with feelings and memory, so he’s not just a stupid elf. In addition, monster movies have a huge audience.

Movie review:

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Free marketing

The film includes scenes from Hunderfossen in Lillehammer, Lom and Rauma. The mayor of Rauma believes that the film will be positive for the municipality.

– I think there were some wonderful scenes from our municipality. It means a lot to us, and it’s great to get to shoot at Rauma. This gives us a lot of free marketing, Mayor Yvonne Wold tells Ondalness Avis.

To NRK, Wold says so The film draws attention to climbing opportunities and nature experiences in the great nature. She believes Norway’s capital, with peak center and Norwegian Mountain Festival, could gain increased attention when the Troll Peaks are highlighted in Troll.

Mission Impossible, which has yet to premiere, and the filming of Sucsession, Kompani Lauritsen and Børning’s films has given us plenty of visitors, so we’re eagerly awaiting to see the effects of all the positive interest, she says.

Yvonne Wold

Mayor of Rauma Yvonne Wold.

Photo: Øyvind Sandnes/NRK

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