Targi Svalastog was scolded by her mother for being too strict with Siri Afflesen Ostley.

Targi Svalastog was scolded by her mother for being too strict with Siri Afflesen Ostley.

There are only four pairs left in this fall’s Skal vi danse, who are all dreaming of reaching the Grand Final in just fourteen days.

Celebrities who are still with them are Simon Nitsche (29), Magnus Moan (38), Øyvind “Vinni” Sauvik (45) and Siri Avlesen-Østli (37).

On Saturday, they will be three. Evelison Ostley, the only remaining participant, knows a little about it.

– It’s a little strange. I miss the other girls. At the same time, I feel pressure to represent the cool gang, says Aflessen Ostley to Good night Norway.

And she adds:

– I’d really like to move on, but if girls are represented more, it’s a bit more important that and.

Watch the interview with the Shall We Dance duo in the video window above.

– It doesn’t get nicer

On this weekend’s show, all couples will dance two dances each.

Siri had a rather strict partner in Tarjei Svalastog (23), a well-known fact throughout the competition. Now he admits that it has become more difficult as a result of the increased pressure.

– Now that we have two dancers, you didn’t get kind as a coach. Think, the first dance we had three weeks to learn, and now we have one week for two dances, explains Svalastog.

– Then the dances are a little longer, too. We reach the finish line. We’re done with the same dance, and now we just have to work until Saturday, says Avelson Ostley.

Svalastog is used to teasing her on the floor, and she says it really helps her perform.

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“Yes, it’s a hot ball in that hall here, but I know he does it with love, and we’re very happy with each other,” she confirms.

shut up by mom

– So she means everything well. Although I would say I think you look like a dass when you’re dancing, and worse yet, Svalastog takes off.

– Do you have a bad conscience? , she asks Siri to her partner.

“Sometimes I get it, when I know I’ve really left you,” Tarji admits.

He further reveals that he could throw his mother in the neck if he became too rude, both in language on TV, but also against Avlesen-Østli.

– Yes, I was also silenced by it, he says.

But he seems to be doing quite well at that, because now he’s giving iron for a possible final, the cost of what it would cost.

It’s been four years since a girl last won “Shall We Dance,” so now is the time for us to have a girl in the final, says Svalastog.

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