Dagbladet slays contribution, but experts believe in winning chances

Dagbladet slays contribution, but experts believe in winning chances

Saturday January 15th is the first semi-final of the Melody Grand Prix. There will be Eileen Noelia, Mira Craig, Freud Vassil and Trollfs T.

Engaging: Young MGP enthusiast Morten Westgaard. Photo: Martin Philip Velanger

– I think Eline Noelia evaded her first win by Dolphin this year, but TrollfesT is a very dangerous contender. Nothing has been decided yet, at least for sure, says Morten Westgaard, Melody Grand Prix expert.

Westgaard has participated in NRK Eurovision “Address Europe” and is a correspondent for “Eurovision Norway”, the largest Nordic fan channel within the “Melodi Grand Prix” and “Eurovision Song Contest”.

These are my favorite possibilities:

1. Elsie Bay – Our Death

2. Subwoolfer – Give that wolf a banana 1

3. Marie Paula – Your Loss

4. NorthKid – Someone

5. TrollfesT – Dance Like a Pink Flamingo

6. Christian Ingbrigtsen – One of the Wonders of the World

7. Wild – Titans

8. Lily Lowe – Bad Kid

9. Alexandra Gunner – Goodbye

10. Anna Lisa Komoji – Queen Bee

source: Eurovision World. Figures from 14.01.2022.

Favorites got a dice roll – again

TrollfesT was the first MGP contribution this year to roll one dice Dagbladet. International odds makers still believe that the band is among the five entries with the highest chance of winning the competition.

It’s easy to draw comparisons to last year’s winner, Andreas “Tex” Hawkland, who won the MGP award last year. He was also slaughtered by DagbladetBut he ended up winning.

Jostein Austvik known as “The Magician” on TrollfesT, takes a bad dice roll in a good mood.

– After last year’s headband meal, one can also debate whether Dagbladet is not really an honorary title, he says, He hints that Dagbladet’s reviewer literally had to eat his words.

– To Dagbladet, we simply have to say thank you. We had little hope of getting this one, and we laughed wonderfully when it came out online.

He says the band appreciates that the bookmakers trust them.

It is an undeniable feeling to be in the top five, but at the same time you have to admit that there is a little disbelief hiding in the back of your mind. For us, it’s incredible, quite literally, this here.

Dagbladet did not respond to our repeated inquiries regarding the review.

Defends the reviewers

Westgaard is not sure if TrollfesT will have the same effect.

– At least we’ve learned that there’s nothing written in stone when it comes to MGP! Now, “TIX” has a much larger fan base than TrollfesT has now, which may affect the outcome. And the songs are very different.

Although music critics often disagree with the people in the singing competition, the Eurovision expert believes that they generally do well.

I think music reviewers often manage to stay professional. They are skilled and experienced. At the same time, old words get into trouble and pain, which can portray the reviewers as a bit unprofessional at times. But by all means – they know more than me when it comes to song review!

I think this year’s winner will perform on Saturday

Pre-qualified Elsie Bay also performs her song. International bookmakers believe they have the greatest chance of winning.

Favorite: Elsie Bay and song are compared

Favorite: Elsie Bay and the song “Death of Us” are compared to Billie Eilish. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB Photo: Terje Pedersen

Westgaard hopes Bay will win, but believes Subwoolfer’s various contribution and “Give that Wolf a banana” song will win.

– My Elsie Bay heart says “Death of Us” escapes with victory, but the national and international reactions show we’ll be sending wolves and bananas to Turin in May! But, as usual; Too early to tell before watching the theatrical show!

Read more about all of this year’s MGP program here.

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