Kanye West: – Retracts ‘fake’ statement about diarrhea

Kanye West: - Retracts 'fake' statement about diarrhea

Most people know that rapper Kanye West (45 years old), who was named Ye last yearIt could be a loose cannon. Famous for eccentric rapper Spontaneous inventions and his distinctive way of being.

Special His numerous social media posts are constantly getting attentionIncluding last week, when he tried to rally fellow “sperm donors” Travis Scott, Tristan Thompson and Scott Disick – all of whom have Kardashian/Jenner kids – against the famous reality family.

In his previous speeches on Twitter, he also took a strong stand against the family, which Banned from social media multiple times.

Now, however, Yi – apparently – has done it again, he writes paper magazine.

Last week, the rapper’s return to social media was intriguing to say the least. However, it came to a head when a post from his account targeted his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, 41.

“Kim has a lot of diarrhea. In other words, he should have a lot more than the average person,” said one of the publications.

The post was removed shortly thereafter, and now the 45-year-old explains what should have happened.

“This was not from me. Someone copied my writing style and wrote something not funny,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

Breaking the Silence: On the night of Tuesday, July 21, Kanye West took to Twitter against, among others, Kris Jenner, and is now breaking her silence.
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In the same post, he also describes Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson (28)as “not funny”.

“I love to post comments because you folks are in hysteria. I love funny people, and I guess that’s why I could never be friends with Skete (nickname Yes to Pete Davidson ed. note).”

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Neither Kardashian nor Davidson responded to the rapper’s post, despite the fact that He already came out hard against Davidson.

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