Petain on her husband's choice: – He loved him

Petain on her husband's choice: – He loved him

Nearly ten years ago, artist Elisabeth “Betain” Andreessen (66) lost her husband of 22 years, Tor Andreessen.

The sermon revealed it

He died after suffering a heart attack during a trip to the family hut at Brønnøya in Asker.

In the podcast “Råning med Tone”, the artist praises her husband for making a choice that many might describe as unconventional.

Spontaneous singing: On the flight home after this weekend's MGP final, Elisabeth “Betan” Andreessen and Hanne Krug got up to say thank you for the weekend. Then, they surprise the passengers by singing! Video: Private
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– Bloody blow

He was The newspaper online Who mentioned this issue for the first time.

The couple had their first daughter Anna a year after they agreed to each other in 1994. Two years later, daughter Nora followed.

Meltdowns: - Tears of joy

Meltdowns: – Tears of joy

Facing presenter Tun Damle (35 years old), Bitan says that her husband was a great source of security for the family, and always prioritized his wife and children.

In parallel with being a mother of young children, the 66-year-old had a brilliant career as an artist in the 1990s. Among other things, she competed in the Melody Grand Prix twice in two years.

-We met very late in life. We were ready for kids, he had worked abroad for many years and had enough of it. When Nora gave birth in 1997, his job wanted him to invest more abroad again, but then he said, “No, I would rather have a year of paternity leave,” the 66-year-old explains.

Se og Hør has tried to contact Elisabeth “Bétain” Andriessen, so far to no avail.

What was supposed to be one year at home in Baba Bayram, turned into eleven.

- A golden opportunity

– A golden opportunity

-I had to do everything I wanted in my career, and it was always at home. And he liked it. He loved cooking and being with girls.

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Petain describes a good family life.

– So it was a huge blow when he disappeared. The entire wall was torn down.

Live separately

Later, the “Let it Swing” star will find love again, and today he is with Øystein Sørum (64 years old).

They met through the dating app Tinder. But although she is happy to have found love again in adulthood, the couple chose to live separately.

Elisabeth “Bétain” Andreessen, Anne-Sophie Endresen, Tor Endresen and Ovind Blunk are interviewed in connection with the promotion of the biggest Christmas tour of the year with the show “Christmas Vibes in Plunk, Béttan & Andreessen”. Elisabeth Andreessen also comments on what it would be like to celebrate Christmas without her husband, Tor Andreessen, who passed away on June 13, 2016.
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-I feel like it's perfect just the way I am now. Now I have wonderful freedom in my life. It's a life choice we've made, and I explained that earlier to Se og Hør.

Bitan said in the same interview that she didn't feel the need for a wedding either.

– No, we're fine as we are. We are not in a financial situation where we are dependent on the other party. It would be different if we were at the beginning of life. It is every girl's dream to get married in church, with a white dress and a big ceremony. I choose to live in sin.

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