June 8, 2023


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Astrid Q, celebrity | Astrid Q is silent about marital status: so you won’t answer

As one of the country’s greatest entertainers, there are many who are curious to know what’s going on in the private life of superstar Astrid S (25), but she doesn’t want to say anything about it.

– I can’t say anything about it, the 25-year-old answers Nettavisen’s questions whether she has a boyfriend or not.

Further, she explains why she does not want to say anything about the topic:

– People can listen to my music, so I think it can. I don’t know, I have nothing to say about it, she said.

Delivers through music

However, Astrid S is not alone in holding cards close to her chest when it comes to her private life and love. There are many who have done this before her, and Nettavisen has the singing star telling us why she’s doing the same in her life:

– For my part, I think it’s because I reveal a lot in music, she says.

Furthermore, Smeplass adds that she values ​​being private.

– It’s good to have some things for yourself. I understand people are curious, but I think that’s not very relevant. And the 25-year-old adds, so I think it’s a pleasure, I think it’s fun to get it for myself.

Looking forward to the party

On this occasion, the online newspaper met the “Hurts So Good” singer. Universal’s annual summer partyat Skillbekk in Oslo.

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Smeplass is even at the Universal Music stable, and it’s no secret that she’s looking forward to the party.

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– I think I’m at a party pretty much. I talk a lot and be very impulsive. So I suffer a lot from anxiety, because I always feel like I’ve talked and done a lot. But I think people think it’s fun to be with me at a party, she says.