Wanted star Tom Parker passed away at the age of 33

Wanted star Tom Parker passed away at the age of 33

In the fall of 2020, the bad news came about Tom Parker, 33, known from boy band The Wanted. I got a brain tumor.

He revealed this himself in an open post on social media.

“We have been completely crushed, but we will fight this to the end. We don’t want their sadness, we just want love and positivity. Together we will shed light on this terrible disease, and look into all possible treatments,” he said at the time.

In an interview with Yes! magazine The artist further explained that this was the type of glioblastoma he had. This is a very serious diagnosis with a very poor prognosis. Most people live for a little over a year after the diagnosis is made, accordingly Oslo University Hospital.

There will be a powerful moment in “The Master of the Masters” when Björn Einar Rommern talks about cancer. Video: NRK
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“Our hearts are broken”

On Wednesday, his wife Kelsey, 32, came with the heartbreaking message that her husband had now passed away.

“It is with the deepest heart that we can confirm that Tom passed away peacefully earlier today and all the family members are by his side,” she wrote on Instagram.

Tom and Kelsey together have two young children Aurelia (2) and Buddy (1).

“Our hearts are broken. Tom was the center of our world and we can’t imagine a life without his infectious smile and energetic presence. We are sincerely grateful for the outpouring of love and support, and we ask that we all come together to ensure that Tom’s light continues to shine for his beautiful children. A big thank you to everyone who gave support and showed care throughout the process. He fought until The end,” he said in the conclusion.


Parker was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and was told that the options are few.

– I’m still in shock. It’s way too much to swallow. I knew something was wrong, but I never expected it. He said, you would never think that such things would happen to you Yes! magazine fall 2020.

In October last year, a father of two said he was worried about the future.

– I feel much stronger now, but it is very difficult to think about the future. Do you understand what I am more? He said while crying in a documentary: I honestly don’t know what to expect anymore inside my headHe and his wife opened up about everyday life with a cancer diagnosis.

I don’t think you know how you feel about death until you meet it face to face. Will I die? This is the most important question. I want to be here, be the best version I can, share it more.

strong career

Irish-British boy band The Wanted was a huge hit when they released their first single and debut album ten years ago. The song reached number one in the UK, while the album reached number four.

The five members remained active until 2014, when the project was suspended.

Parker is among those who have made a strong single life in the past. He has since worked as a DJ, was actually co-star and played Danny himself in a national production of “Grease”.

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