Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears

Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears

Earlier this week, the popular show interviewed 30-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears. Good morning America. In the interview, Jamie Lynn opened up crying about the difficult family situation.

Shortly thereafter, Britney Spears (40) is raging against what she considers the PR of book sales.

The pop artist’s little sister will release her autobiography “Things I Had to Say” on January 18.

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Britney claims she is ‘out of control’

Since Britney first spoke in court, her fans have attacked Jamie Lynn online, accusing her of not supporting Britney during her difficult time.

according to People She was said to have received death threats. Last week, the pop star stopped following her little sister on Instagram, and now she’s raging on Twitter.

In one post, Britney doesn’t hide any of what she thinks about meeting her little sister. On the other hand, she confirmed that she was suffering from a high fever at the time of the broadcast of the interview on the air, and that she watched everything in a “fever haze”.

– She didn’t have to work for anything. She always had everything in her hands, and Britney gets mad about her little sister.

Britney wrote that one of the things that bothered her most was Jamie Lynn’s comment that her behavior was “out of control” at a time when there was a lot of talk about the breakup.

According to the pop star, her little sister wasn’t around much at the time 15 years ago.

– So why are you talking about it at all? If she doesn’t want to sell books on my account? Britney writes in the post.

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In the same TV interview, Jamie Lynn said that she did not know why the relationship with her older sister had become as turbulent as it is now. She’s always loved her sister, and she’s always done the best for Britney, something she claims Britney is aware of, too.

On Friday, Jamie Lynn posted an Instagram post where she opened up about how the whole situation with her sister has affected her in recent days. The post stated that she doesn’t want any drama, but she doesn’t know anything because she was born Spears.

In the post, she also refutes Britney’s words that she hasn’t worked hard for anything. Jamie Lynn writes that she has worked hard since she was a teenager, and has built her career just by being someone’s little sister.

Troubled family situation

Britney claims that it’s not just the sister she’s been in a relationship with. She writes that her family “likes to push it down”.

Among other things, the father was in control of the 40-year-old’s personal finances And business relations for 13 years. Finally, guardianship was established when the pop star began to show signs of mental illness.

The guardianship case was settled by a Los Angeles court this fall.

The pop star has been very active on Instagram lately, and frequently communicates with fans. She had previously thanked the masses in the long battle against regency she had gone through.

Britney now makes it clear that she wants to distance herself from the platform in the future.

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