Tromsø will give more orders

Tromsø will give more orders

– The recommendations we made at the end of October did not help. It didn’t have the effect we wanted so we have to work even harder.

This was said by the Deputy Mayor of Tromsø, Marlene Berntsen Brathen, at a press conference on Friday.

She then adds that the municipality will hold an extraordinary meeting of the presidency next Tuesday, at which the new measures will be introduced.

Even if the measures come into effect from next week, we highly recommend that the measures are already in place now.

Read all the commands and recommendations in more information in the case.

It was the municipal doctor, Inger Hilda Trandim, who introduced the measures to be taken by the municipality.

The challenge when we design these measures is that they may have to go on for a while because we have a constant infection, we’re going into winter and we have so many elements that we’re not sure when we can cancel them, she says.

She then stressed that the main goal of introducing measures is not to reduce infection, but to reduce the burden on the health care system.

Wants to kill the infection: Tromsø’s chief municipal doctor, Inger Hilda Trandim. Photo: Tromsø Municipality.
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The municipality has tried to take measures to be as intrusive as possible, but at the same time effective.

– The goal is not to reduce infection as it was before, but to reduce the burden on the health service and reduce the pressure of infection, she said.

These are the measures

  • People over the age of 12 must use face masks in taxis, on all public transportation, in shops, in public areas of shopping malls, in restaurants where you do not sit at tables and in places designated for culture, conferences, sports and recreational activities when you cannot Maintain a distance of at least one meter
  • The obligation to use a bandage does not apply in primary and secondary schools, as well as in workplaces where the use of a bandage in the workplace has not been specified.
  • Employees who do not have work tasks that require physical presence or who do not work alone should perform their work tasks from the home office.
  • Employees who do not travel by public transportation can still meet at the workplace.
  • For restaurants and events that have a license to serve alcoholic beverages, the ordering and serving of food and drink shall only take place at the table where the customer’s seat is located, and there shall be seating for all guests. Requirements are valid from 5pm until closing time.
  • Events cannot be held with more than 100 people. Those who are the organizers out of the 100 are not counted.

The regulations will initially apply from November 10, and will apply until November 23.

The municipality also makes the following recommendations:

  • That all residents over the age of eighteen reduce the number of people with whom you are in social settings during the week.
  • Everyone should keep their distance from others outside their home when in a public place.
  • No more than 30 participants in private indoor events.
  • To facilitate the use of digital meetings where possible or appropriate.
  • The municipality of Tromsø recommends that all organizers consider anti-infection related to their event.
  • It is recommended to postpone or cancel tournaments and conferences with participants over 18 years of age. Singles matches can be played.
  • Also in sports in which participants under the age of 18 participate, the municipality comes up with a recommendation to show interest in the fight against infection.
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