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Brenn før Øyafestivalen

– It’s going to be hot.

So says Edward Smith Seif, one of the two leading figures of the rock band Brain.

– We’re betting no one gets burned, but who knows. Possibly a bit of a burnt arm hair, the 25-year-old continues.

Together with his partner Remy Malcher Petersen, he and the rest of the band will perform their first concert on the biggest stage of the Oia Festival on Wednesday at 3pm.

– We’ll give iron, give hard plastic, recycled cardboard, and give our all!

Rémy Malchère Pettersen (TV) and Edvard Smith Save look forward to playing in front of a huge crowd on the main stage of the Øya Festival.

Photo: Trygve Heide/NRK

The first concert by the Kings of Convenience was held an hour earlier.

Thus, they usher in what will be the first large-scale festival in Toynparken in three years.

It will be an unparalleled experience. It’s going to be like paintball birthday, kissing, and lots of pizza right in the mouth all at once, Smith Seif says.

This wasn’t the first time Bryn had performed at the festival. After a breakout in 2019, the rock band was able to play in both Øya and Roskilde in Denmark, before their concert business came to an abrupt end during the pandemic.

Burn in Slottsfjell 2022

The band loves to kiss — sometimes with each other, too. Here’s from a concert at the Slottsfjell Festival earlier this summer.

Photo: Eskil Olaf Vestre / NRK P3

It will remain that way for three long years. He was about to put an end to every Brin.

Therefore, reuniting with the audience will be very much fun when they perform again at the largest festival in Norway.

– We are three years older, mature, my hairline is worse, I am five kilograms heavier, but my energy level is at its peak! So I’m not stressed, says a laughing Smith Syve.

Burning before Al Jazeera Festival 2022

Edvard Smith Save (tv) is ready for a concert. But with a slightly worse hairline than it was three years ago.

Photo: Trygve Heide/NRK

We look forward to welcoming people

The island festival counts around 100,000 single visits during the five days it takes place. Within the festival area itself, there is room for 20,000 people per day.

The Thursday ticket was actually sold out in December last year and the remaining tickets were sold out in mid-June.

– We are very satisfied with it, says Jonas Prangerød, Director of Public Relations at Øyafestivalen.

After two chapters of uncertainty, one also wonders if people want to go back to the same thing. So it’s great to see that’s what they want.

Øya's Public Relations Manager, Jonas Prangerød

Public Relations Director Jonas Prangerød is looking forward to watching the crowds during this year’s Oia Festival.

Photo: Kaja Staude Mikalsen / NRK

The program features international heavyweights such as Gorillaz, Nick Cave, The Bad Seeds and Florence + the Machine along with Norwegian favorites such as Emilie Nicolas and Aurora and Girl in red.

Last year a mini event was held in Twinparken, which brought together 1,000 members of the audience divided into two groups. The PR manager says it was nice at the time, but it’s far from your normal festival experience.

– That’s what we want to do, a large-scale festival.

girl in red

Marie Olvin, better known as The Girl in Little Red, has received positive attention internationally. Now the artist from Horten is ready for his second concert on Øya.

Photo: Musikrommet / NRK

He himself is looking forward to seeing influential Nick Cave and lesser-known French metal band Alcest.

– But maybe it has a lot to do with standing up and capturing the audience’s enthusiasm. There are many parties where I look beyond the audience as much as I look at the stage.

Good atmosphere and Paloba

Brenn promises the audience a great show.

– I hope the audience will join in on a show that has censored mayhem, blobs, good atmosphere and lots of honking and driving! Just enjoy it. Oh my God, it’s the island! Whoops Smith save.

Burn in Slottsfjell 2022

Guitarist Nacho immersed himself in the audience’s sea during this year’s Slottsfjell Festival. Perhaps Edvard Smith Save will follow in the same footsteps when Brenn performs at the Øya Festival.

Photo: Eskil Olaf Vestre / NRK P3

Petersen agrees that:

For us, it will be the biggest end of the entire summer. I hope I get that feeling when I’m there too.

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