Football, Premier League | Strikes back at the skeptics of Haaland: – Don’t get it

Football, Premier League |  Strikes back at the skeptics of Haaland: - Don't get it

I think it was the perfect introduction to Haaland at Manchester City, says Gary Neville in his summary of the Premier League tour on SkySports.

In the statement, he added, Yarboen showed himself in a good way to the City supporters, but he also believed that it was a harbinger of what the rest of the season would be like for Haaland.

He points out the differences in Haaland’s results, and places a special emphasis on how much back room Haaland had to go with the second goal versus the first.

– I think that’s exactly what it will be like for the rest of the season. It will be more difficult for him in the first half of matches, but when City are leading and the two opposing teams have to attack, he will have more space, says Neville.

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Compared to Bond villains

Neville also says he admired the Norwegian’s body on his debut in the Premier League.

It is almost as if he is a superhuman with the strength he possesses in his body. It’s like a drago [fra Rocky], or Bond villain “Jaws”. It’s almost unfair how much speed and power he has, which Neville judged after Haaland made his debut.

It is believed that there are now indications that Guardiola will change the way City play, to highlight Haaland’s strengths.

Sergio Aguero was a completely different kind of striker than Haaland, and last year they played without a traditional striker. Neville says all of their brilliance and success in recent years has been changed by the introduction of this beast of the footballer, who sees football in a different way.

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I do not understand doubt

When it was confirmed that Haaland would play for Manchester City next season, there were many who criticized whether he would run the Premier League. Viaplay football expert Peter Wieland doesn’t understand any of that.

– I do not understand the critical voices who think that Haaland will not fit into the Premier League. Yes, he’s got a lot of space in the Bundesliga, but if people are afraid Haaland isn’t getting a space in the Premier League, they should watch more games from this league, Wieland tells Nettavizen.

City got 93 points and won the league title last year without playing a normal number nine. Wieland thinks Haaland’s addition could, if possible, make the blue shirts even better.

– That’s what one imagines; Whether Haaland could be the famous icing on the cake. It will give City more leads to play, and it could be the difference that finally allows them to lift the Champions League trophy.

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A little bit as expected

Haaland scored on his debuts with RB Salzburg and Borussia Dortmund. Wieland believes that Norway’s past achievements mean he expects more from him.

– After the match, I probably left the same thoughts as most, that it was a bit as expected, Veland laughs, and continues:

– That’s what Pep dreamed of when he went to bed, and that’s what the other managers were afraid of. Two goals in the first appearance is the best. Had it been any other Norwegian, it would have been far from expected, but since it was Haaland, it would have been just as expected.

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Haaland’s next game with City is expected to come on August 13, when he faces newly promoted Bournemouth at the Etihad Stadium.

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