Be such des Papstes an der Mariensäule is confirmed in the ROM

Be such des Papstes an der Mariensäule is confirmed in the ROM

Rome / Vatican City, 04.12.2023 (KAP) The traditional visit of the Pope to the Mariensäule near the Spanish Steps in Rome on December 8 has been confirmed by the relevant ecclesiastical authorities. In the middle of the Vicariats room for the rest of the day, the next day is free for 16 hours and the rest of the day. It was good to have one of Blumenstrauß to Ehren der Muttergottes niederlegen.

Der Be such an der Mariensäule am Hochfest der Unbefleckten Empfängnis, usually attended by thousands of Romans and tourists, will be the soon-to-be-87-year-old Pope’s first public appearance under the open sky since the beginning of his reign. The youngest fell ill. The Vicariate of Rome is responsible for the activities of the Pope as Bishop of Rome.

Also on Monday, the leadership of the Pontifical Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore announced that the Pope there on Friday at 15.30 p.m. had handed over to the Virgin Mary the “Salus Populi Romani” (Hill of the Roman People) a golden rose. It’s always good to be here. The first pope, as Geste mit der Goldenen Rose vollzog in derselben Kirche, was Pope Julius III. Im Jahr 1551. This rose überreichte im Jahr 1613 Pope Paul V. Beide gold rosen gingen in den Napoleonischen Wirren verloren.

Hos Guadalupe Mass with the Pope

On December 12, Pope Francis will once again preside over Holy Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica. Wie das vatikanische Presseamt ​​​​​am Mitteilte On Monday, the Pope will preside over the divine service on the feast day during which Our Lady of Guadalupe is venerated throughout Latin America. Die Eucharistiefeier on Tuesday der nächsten Woche ist for 18 Hour ansettzt.

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In 2021, the Argentine pope personally led the Guadalupe celebrations in St. Peter’s Basilica since 2014 and preached in his mother’s language, Spanish. An dem Gottesdienst nehmen stets zahlreich Bischöfe, Priester, Seminaristen andere Gläubige aus Latinamerika part.

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