Peter Northug: “I was crucified.”

Peter Northug: “I was crucified.”

Much has been written about Peter Northug (37) at home and abroad. The fast-talking Tronder has made a name for himself for his athletic accomplishments, but he has also attracted attention outside the sports arena.

Papa Northug: I’ve found love

For 12 years, Northug had been at the top of the world as one of the best skiers in the world, and it came as a huge shock when he tearfully announced that he would be retiring in 2018.

– It was an adventure. (…) It is difficult to give up, but at the same time we feel relieved, He stated this at the press conference at the time.

John Northug has found happiness again. Video: Watch and listen. Reporter: Anders Ellingsen.
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The transfer cannot be handled

After Northug put his skates on the rack, he ruled in a slightly different arena, which ultimately had disastrous consequences.

After two years, during which Northug was constantly seen in party bands, in 2020, he was sentenced to prison and lost his driver’s license for life. It was a very emotional and serious Northug who met the press after the fateful incident.

- I'm homeless

– I’m homeless

– I have not dealt with this transition period since I resigned. One wished to do things differently, but it was difficult to think about it now. I haven’t been a good role model since I resigned. I don’t expect any sympathy, but for me it’s important to lie down and tell my story, and then it will be up to each individual, that was one of the things he stated in the press conference.

wide: Peter Northug was fined for this scandalous gesture in 2018. Video: Photos from TV 2
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After Northug spoke frankly about the difficult times, many people gathered around him. Many also thought he would likely rise again – stronger and more steadfast than before.

He certainly did.

- Free flow for ladies

– Free flow for ladies

You got to roll two dice

Not only did Northug find success selling clothing and sunglasses, he also embarked on a small career as an artist – albeit with varying degrees of success. In 2020, he released the song “Peter’s Christmas” much to the delight of his loyal fans.

I got the song Roll the two dice by VGBut it’s clear that Northug takes criticism in stride.

Now he repeats the success with the song “Peters Advent”.

A humble 37-year-old singing surrounded by children, wearing a red robe and crown:

“I surrendered, I was crucified, and I got the punishment I deserved. People prayed, people cried, and now I have been resurrected – because this winter I will show who is king on the ski slopes once again.”

JULEKONGE: Northug is out again with a Christmas song.  Image: Screenshot from Instagram

JULEKONGE: Northug is out again with a Christmas song. Image: Screenshot from Instagram
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Once again, Northug chose to hint and joke a little about his private life — as a nod to the backlash that came his way after his 2018 resignation and 2020 sentencing.

But there’s no doubt that Northug, who will soon be appearing with long-distance team Team Janteloppet on TV, will dominate the news for many years to come. Whether it’s sporting achievements, romantic rumors or more festive Christmas songs.

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