More than a million watched the first episode of The Christmas Calendar “Snøfall 2”

More than a million watched the first episode of The Christmas Calendar “Snøfall 2”

On Friday 1 December, the countdown to Christmas Eve begins – also on TV.


On Friday, several Christmas calendars returned to TV. So far, four slots have been opened.

Markus Nyby (32) is off to a good start with the second season of “24 Star Christmas Calendar” on NRK, and the second season of “Snøfall” has also been released.

– December Christmas calendars are a strong and enduring tradition. These numbers show that people need to watch their favorites together during the Advent season. The new seasons of Snøfall and the 24-star Christmas calendar have great numbers, says Arne Helsingen, director of television at NRK, in a press release.

These are the numbers for the weekend on NRK so far:

  • 1,012,000 viewers of the first episode of “Snøfall 2”
  • 714,000 and 587,000 got the second and third episodes of “Snøfall 2”.
  • 782,000 watched the first slot of the ’24-Star Christmas Calendar’.
  • More people ranked second in the “24-Star Christmas Calendar” – more precisely 910,000. The third slot was watched by 517.00.

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Christmas Calendar: This year's participants are in

Espen Eckbo (50 years old) is in full swing with the December Christmas calendar – this time on TV 2 with “Asbjørn Julekalender”.

So far, Asbjørn Brekke has had visits from Mads Hansen, Jørgine “Funkygine” Massa Vasstrand, Henriette Steenstrup and Viggo Venn.

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So far, an average of 651,000 people have viewed Ekpo’s Christmas calendar. 716,000 watched the first slot, while 693,000 and 537,000 respectively watched the second and third slots, TV 2 reported.

VGTV visited the recording of Eckbo’s Christmas calendar, when the series was broadcast on TV Norge:

See the winner of the “24-Star Christmas Calendar” chosen last year:


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