The Bjørkelangen, Eldar Fagan | Eldar’s new bassist is Lars Tormod: – I’ve always liked Vaselina

The Bjørkelangen, Eldar Fagan |  Eldar’s new bassist is Lars Tormod: – I’ve always liked Vaselina

He is best known as the jazz musician and vice musician of Ender columns, Lars Tormod Genset.

He plays double bass in the Espen Eriksen Trio and in Hølandstrioen Åkerland.

Now Jenset, who lives at Eidslia in Bjørkelangen, has become a double bass player for Eldar Vågan in the new trio as well.

– I’ve been a fan of Vazelina since Surfbrett på sløyden came out in the late 80’s. It went viral on the radio and the video was also shown a lot on NRK. By the way, when I was growing up, I played in a rock band, says the 45-year-old.

Jenset’s appointment as bass to the music legend’s new trio didn’t come out of nowhere.

Something fun for once

Tor Willow, who played piano for Fazelina for many years, is Ula’s father, an old student and friend of Lars Tormod.

When Eldar Vågan was booked for the Anjazz Festival in Hamar a few years ago, Welo recommended the services of a birch tree.

It was a unique thing that was fun to be a part of, Jenset recalls.

When Eldar Fagan launched a new trio at the Thon Hotel in Oslo to great fanfare, introduced drummers Vazelina Even Finsrud and Jenset on TV2, the trio also received a column in Dagsavisen, among others.

Jenset received a direct phone call from Eldar Vågan with a request to join the trio and he didn’t need long to think about it.

– Many may associate Fagan with Billy’s rock, but there are more genres than that: pop, show and rock. After all, Surfboard is a Beach Boys pastiche, and Brian Wilson is a relatively complex songwriter, to say the least. Having said that, I have never been a snob.

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– More than a warlock

– I have great respect for Eldar as a musician and songwriter and I love working with good people. Hemat for Christmas experienced a renaissance and became common property. Here he shows himself as something more of a juggler than many would consider him to be, says Genset.

Bjørkelangingen says Vågan is fully aware that the trio has a mission to carry on the tradition of bringing live music from the stage.

– Today there is a lot of singing and there is talk of “delivering the goods” on various talent shows on TV. We offer a package where you participate in musical instruments played by live people. It will be something else. Eldar pointed out that we should wear a slightly baggy jacket on stage from Vazelina. It suits me well. There is a separate dynamic between us playing together and influencing each other. We’re booking a number of festival functions and fall tours these days. I look forward to it, concludes Lars Tormod Genset.

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