– We in the audience are soft and happy – VG

– We in the audience are soft and happy – VG

TRONDHEIM/OSLO (VG) Trondheim’s night with Åge Aleksandersen and Sambandet was interrupted when lightning struck nearby.


The concert at the castle in Trondheim on Wednesday evening was canceled after lightning and rain.

– There was one lightning strike in Ila, and one in Munkholmen that caused a pause of about 15 minutes until it moved northwest, says Stein Vanebo, reservation manager for Trondheim Stage to VG.

It was guest artist Odd Nordstoga who was on stage when the concert stopped.

Upon returning to the stage, the artist praised the audience’s patience.

“You are the strongest in the world,” Nordstoga told the audience standing there in the rain, says Fanipo.

– We in the audience are soft and happy.

According to the Åge Aleksandersen website, tonight’s party rates are out.

In addition to Nordstoga, he also visited Morten Abel and Marja Mortenson.

Rain: It was raining in Trondheim, with Åge and Sambandet on Wednesday evening.

This is what it looked like when Åge Aleksandersen hosted “Allsang på Grensen” in 2020:

It is a well-known fact that the 73-year-old has had a huge impact on Trønder rock and Norwegian music history in general.

He previously played in the band Prudence, before becoming the captain of Sambandet. Alexandersen won several Spelman Awards.

The rocker was also crowned with a knight of the first degree. He was awarded this honor in 2006 by the Order of St. Olaf.

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