June 9, 2023


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Company Lauritzen revealed the winner before it was broadcast

Here’s the winner: This year’s winner of “Company Lauritzen” has already appeared on TV2 Play, long before the competition on linear TV ended. The person among these participants…

More than three hours before the winner of this year’s “Kompani Lauritzen” was announced on linear TV, TV2 broadcast the program on TV2 Play.


NB! reveal this case no Who wins the “Lauritzen Company”!

– The final is published at 18.45, after which it is up to each individual media whether or not to reveal the winner. We can’t set a blackout period for statuses once something has been posted. This way, everyone can decide for themselves whether or not they want to know who wins, TV2’s Director of Press Jan-Peter Dahl tells VG.

– However, we encourage all media to place a whistleblower alert on issues dealing with this year’s winner, he adds.

The previous weekly finals were also published in “Kompani Lauritzen” on TV2 Play on Saturday night before being broadcast on linear television on Saturday evening, but in this case it was published in the evening because it is a final.

The reason for this is that the winner cannot be revealed too early in the day, explains Jan-Peter Dahl.

Grund Meyerer (27), Agnet Husepe (27), Titi Lidbom (37) and Diederik-Sole-Tangen (35) are all battling it out for victory in the final.


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