Hazel O’Connor havnet i koma:

Hazel O'Connor havnet i koma:

British punk star and actress Hazel Teresa O’Connor (66) in the 1980s excelled in many hit songs such as “Day Eight” and “Are You?”. She also starred in the movie “Breaking the Glass”.

On Sunday, January 9, the 66-year-old was found at his home in southwest France, after what the family describes as a “serious medical incident”. She was immediately taken to the hospital.

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put into a coma

The singer suffered a brain haemorrhage as a result of the accident and was placed in an artificial coma for 24 hours.

writes among others Sky News And BBC.

Now, however, he looks a lot brighter for O’Connor, who should have responded well to treatment. Her brother Neil O’Connor also shared on social media that she’s already reclaimed some of her “tougher” sides that she usually enjoyed.

Moreover, he wrote the following in the post:

“She is receiving the best care, and I thank the French medical service for taking such good care of her. So please, we appreciate all the positive thoughts, feelings and intentions ».

The brother continues: “She will need patience from us and herself.”

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I had to postpone the tour

According to plan, O’Connor was scheduled to begin a joint tour with singer Toyah Wilcox, 63, later this year. It has now been postponed indefinitely.

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The singer’s management called her a “fighter” and added, “No one knows what progress Hazel will make and when.”

“You might think Hazel shouldn’t have any appearances for the foreseeable future, well, yeah, that might be the result, we don’t know,” they added.

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