Sister Wives’ Christine Brown speaks out against the allegations:

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown speaks out against the allegations:

For several years, the polygamous Brown family provided drama on the screen.

-I don’t want to see her again

The “Sister Wives” reality series follows Kody Brown (54) and his four wives Janelle (54), Meri (52), Kristen (51) and Robyn (44), as well as the family’s 18 children.

Later, the wives divorced Kody Brown one by one, and today he only has one wife left: Robyn.

calamity: All is not as it should be with the family in Sister Wives. Here’s the promo for Season 16. Video: TLC
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In a new season of the reality show, a bad atmosphere prevails between the two ex-husbands and the wife, and harsh accusations are made against one of them.

– I never had this strength

On Sunday’s episode, Robyn thinks Cody has become angrier, believes he’s no longer the man they fell in love with, and blames one of the wives for it.

After the divorce: - He hit rock bottom

After the divorce: – He hit rock bottom

– What Christine did was destroy him. He won’t admit it, but it’s the truth. Christine has completely destroyed his past, what he thought was a career situation. She said it was terrible, Robyn says in the episode, according to the people.

On the other hand, Christine does not acknowledge her ex-sister-wife’s accusations.

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-I will not take responsibility for Cody’s loss of faith. It’s ridiculous. To classify me as a scapegoat for his loss of trust? She confirms that I never had this authority over Kodi before.

-You should stop talking about me

The former wives also have a chicken to pick with Robyn, which they believe influenced the dynamic when she became part of the Sister Wives.

Janelle explains that she feels she can’t bring up issues with Robyn to Kody, because in his eyes, she’s “perfect, loyal, and supportive.”

- I hate my life

– I hate my life

On the other hand, Robin says that she has no problems with her ex-wives, and that she wants to have a relationship with them.

– The whole story you set against him is ridiculous and complete nonsense. They just have their own problems. They need to stop talking about me.

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Janelle and Meri split from Kody last year.

Kristen and Cody broke up in 2021. Since then, she has found love again and is engaged to her boyfriend, David Woolley.

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