Nora Hawkland talks about the time after the shocking photo:

Nora Hawkland talks about the time after the shocking photo:

In February, NRK influencer and then personality Sophie Elise Isachsen (28), shared a photo of herself with a friend on Instagram.

The friend was Nora Hockland (26 years old). In the photo, she was carrying a small bag with some white contents.

-I’m dating

Hawkland remained silent for a long time about the photo, but in August she spoke openly about the situation that unfolded during an interview with TV 2.

In a new episode of the podcast “”G Spot”” With Aislinn Guttormsen (36), Haukland was asked if she wanted to say anything about the photo.

VG I mentioned it first.

Nora Haukland appeared on the red carpet after her split from Marius Borg Hoebe. Video: Caroline Pedersen.
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– It’s as if a year has been whispered from my memory, because it was so painful. I had some social anxiety before, and the anxiety I feel now – I think I’ve been locked up for four months.

Moreover, the 26-year-old says that there was a period when she did not dare to do everyday things like going to the store, going out on the town or going out to a restaurant.

- Very demanding

– Very demanding

In the episode, the influencer does not hide that she is “still suffering from shock” and that she is afraid of saying the wrong thing.

– After that photo, it was a continuation of the “chase.” It was also very difficult since I was with Marius. In the end I felt like I couldn’t be myself. Because the person I was was so controversial and crazy, right, I didn’t fit in. It’s sad to say, but it was one of the reasons I couldn’t be in that relationship anymore.

Nora Haukland and Marius Borg Hoebe have called it quits after almost a year of love. Video: Red Runner
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This summer it became known that Haukland and Marius Borg Hoebe (26 years old) had resigned.

Detects violations

Detects violations

– When we finished, nothing bad happened. It was more that I wanted one way and he wanted another way. “I think I just needed to be alone for a while,” she says in the episode.

Haukland confirms that she and Borg Hoebe have a good relationship today.

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