I won the '24 Stars for Christmas Calendar' for 2023: I was a bit nervous about the prize

I won the '24 Stars for Christmas Calendar' for 2023: I was a bit nervous about the prize

Sarah Natasha Melby (48 years old) and Henrik Varley (31 years old) were able to compete in the final, especially the first.


Spoiler warning: Don't read if you don't want to know who will win.

24 celebrities were put through a number of challenges every day in December – until Christmas Eve – (all recorded in September).

Each of them did their best to convince broadcaster Markus Nyby (32) and his judges that they deserved the title of 'Christmas Star of the Year'.

Among this year's group of former artists, comedians, presenters, actors, TV hosts and politicians, it was Henrik Varley and Sarah-Natascha Melby who walked away with the final places.

Finalists: Sarah Natasha Melby and Henrik Varley.

Melby says at the beginning of the episode that she feels happy and nervous. For his part, Farley says: no Keen on second place. Only the title “Christmas Star” fits.

Do not worry.

Farley, a presenter, comedian, lyricist and YouTuber, emerged victorious in the competition inspired for the occasion by the classic British film Merry Christmas, Mr Bean!

It was a lot of fun to reach the final, and of course it was a lot of fun to win, he told VG over the phone.

Victory BBQ: Henrik Varley (10th) won.  TV: Program leader Markus Nebbi

But the final was not without problems.

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Towards the end, as Melby and Farley charged towards the goal each carrying a giant 'turkey' on their heads, things went wrong for Melby.

The famous broadcaster actually moved forward, but stumbled and fell to the ground.

– The competitive instinct and enthusiasm took me away. I gave it everything I had and then some. I tried hard and fell to my knees. And the “You'd rather not,” Melby told VG at a press conference last month.

She then confided that she had a “fracture” in her knee.

AU, DA: Sarah Natasha Melby gets stuck here, while Henrik kisses Farley

On Thursday, Melby told VG that she was still in pain.

– Of course, the knee is still cracked, but a lot has healed and I have good follow-up from a doctor and a physiotherapist, so things will probably go well, she confirms.

– At the time, I was probably so full of adrenaline that I didn't fully realize how much pain he was in.

Melby explains that she doesn't want the final to be about her knee.

“It's been a very interesting few weeks, and I had to stand in the final with Henrik, who I fell in love with. So we actually have to take this injury as a bracket.”

TAPER: Sarah Natasha Milby after the explosion.

Melby thinks recording is the most fun she's ever had.

– And of course complete madness.

Melby says they both enjoyed the second victory.

– But we are Kids Games Not a competition. And me king I beat him, if I didn't introduce a forced extra item Slapstick entertainmentSlapstick entertainment“Slapstick” is a form of comedy, rich in raw, profane, and physical humor (SNL) On the padding there. right? She says with good humor.

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Winner: Henrik Varley.

For his part, Farley expressed great relief on television that he wasn't nearby when Milby went down.

“Otherwise I'd be afraid I'd put a leg on her or something,” he says.

– It was a little hard standing there in the confetti because we still hadn't figured out if she really hurt herself, or if it was just a trip. He explained to VG that there were somewhat mixed feelings.

– What do you think of Melby joking that she would have won if she hadn't fallen?

– It's hard to say, it's completely up to the question. I think we both agree that I'm a little faster than her, but the question is, would I have been faster? Adequate. I've thought about waiting when she gets stuck so we can start running at the same time, but that might be a little weird too.

Prize: Han Krug sang Henrik Varley.  Markus Nebbi tuned the guitar.

Farley's prize was Han Krug's (67-year-old) appearance in the original cloak from the 1976 film Journey to the Christmas Star.

Krug was 19 years old when she played the lead role of Sonya in the classic film.

The veteran singer performed “Sonja's Song to the julestjernen”, accompanied by Nyby on guitar. It would have been difficult to find a more appropriate song for this occasion.

– He was very nice Little “It's unnerving,” Farley says of the intimate concert, adding:

– Maybe one thing I've learned after being a part of this is that singing face to face – with eye contact – is something that stresses me out. the I didn't know before, he says and laughs.

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Did you suffer this injury in the first episode? Watch on GTV:

Melby isn't the only one unlucky. Artist Chand Torsvik (41 years old) suffered a broken foot during the first showing of the programme.

He swung too violently at a dance competition – and ended up at the doctor's and on crutches.

He was also not present during the final recording.

All: Back to back) Magnus Devold, Lamin Frank, Katarina Flatland, Benjamin Bärle Selseth, Helle Nordby, Torgus Tveiten, Hani Hussein, Ole Rolfsrud, Aniete Husby, Havvard Lillehei, Fanny Oden, Alexander Stöckel, Emily Sköllmann, Chand Torsvik, Karina D.  , John Brongut, Jenny Jensen, Ahmed Mamo, Andreas Haukland, Björn-Johan Reif, Arin Sultanpanah, Elin Horn, Henrik Varley, Sarah Natascha Melby.  Front: Program Director Markus Nebbi.

The “24-Star Christmas Calendar” attracted many viewers.

– The average now stands at 815,000 per episode, for the target audience aged 10 to 79, the series’ communications director, Martin Hinch, tells VG.

– Four programs had more than or very close to one million viewers. These are incredibly good numbers, he adds.

The “24-Star Christmas Calendar”, acquired by a VG reviewer this year, has received international notice. Recently reported campaign The Norwegian program concept has been sold to the Netherlands.

do you remember this Controversial stunt For last year's calendar winner? Watch on GTV:


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