NRK confirms the third season of “Exit” – E24

NRK confirms the third season of "Exit" - E24

The successful series “Exit” gets its third season. Much of the action relies on new interviews with people within the financial community – and Okokrim.

Ready for the new season: Director and screenwriter Øystein Karlsen (center) has completed the first draft of the third season of “Exit”. Here with actors Tobias Santelman (left) and Simon Berger (right) during the recording of the first season.

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– It turns out to be an environment that never stops achieving, they keep on giving and they keep on doing. It’s an abundance of anti-morals, says director and screenwriter Ostin Carlsen.

Thus, there will at least be a reunion with Henrik (Tobias Santelman), Jebbie (John Oygarden) and Adam (Simon Berger). But what really happened to William (Pål Sverre Hagen)?

NRK confirmed that there will be a new season of “Exit” in a press release Thursday morning.

During my first season, I met eleven people. For the new season, I spoke to more people who contacted me. Ordinary people who are themselves or were investors themselves, sons of investors – married women in the environment. The Swedes and Danes also reached out to tell their stories, Carlsen continues.

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But after two seasons and a total of 16 episodes with many of the same fictional characters, he also has to take that into account.

They have lived a life that we must build upon. We’re here to entertain and viewers shouldn’t want to turn off the TV once they start watching “Out,” Carlsen says.

The series is the most watched regular drama series on NRK Television. The first season saw an average of 2 million viewers and the second season saw just over 1.8 million viewers.

– There’s a big drop here and I’m trying not to think about it. If I do, I still have to go for a run. I have always considered myself weak.

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He’s now written the first draft of all eight episodes, and if we’re to believe Peter Testman-Koch, executive producer at Fremantle Productions, there’s no need to fear.

Øystein Karlsen wrote his best script with Season 3. But he couldn’t be happier for that reason. It will be as dark and wrong and subtle and funny as only Austin writes it, and then it will leave a sweet little light on some of the dysfunction of our society, says Testman-Koch.

The comeback: In the spring of 2023, the youth of “Exodus” returned to television again. From left: Henrik (Tobias Santelmann), Jeppe (Jon Øigarden), and Adam (Simon Berger). But what really happened to William (Pål Sverre Hagen)?

Recording for the third season is scheduled to begin already in the spring. NRK expects to be able to premiere it in the spring of 2023. In the same press release, NRK drama director Ivar Køhn confirmed that there will be a new season of “Exit”.

The prerequisite was that the series creator be Austin Carlsen
He still has stories he thinks should be told. And he did, says Conn.

Carlsen says the ideas for Season 3 largely come from three places.

Big Fall Height: – There’s a big drop in here and I’m trying not to think about it. If I do, I still have to go for a run. Says Øystein Karlsen, and I who have always considered myself an underdog.

– I spent some time at Okocream. I’ve also had conversations with the Tax Justice Network about everything from cryptocurrency to how Norwegian wind energy is making billions for companies that no one knows who owns it.

“We don’t want to reveal too many details now, but it may not be a huge surprise that not all roads lead to the Pearl Gate for boys,” says Testman Koch.

Not only Norwegian TV viewers are excited about Exit. The series’ second season has been nominated in the “Best Returning Drama” category below C21 International Drama Awards Thursday evening. This is in competition with such series as “The Crown”, “Line of Duty” and “The Paper House” (“La Casa de Papel”).

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