Frederic Solvang, The Discussion | Solvang and NRK discuss the famous “debate” trick: – Maybe don't do exactly that again

Frederic Solvang, The Discussion |  Solvang and NRK discuss the famous “debate” trick: – Maybe don't do exactly that again

“This was one of the worst debate programs we have done, in my opinion,” wrote Frederic Solvang (46) as a commentary on the sociologist and social debater Posted by Kjetil Rolness on Facebook At the end of February.

The comment came on the heels of a “debate” broadcast, in which FpU leader Simin Veli (24) met Suneva Tilson, known as Saint Suneva, in what initially appeared to be a serious duel, among other implications.

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Then, there was a barrage of reactions when the presenter confirmed that the four-minute session was a joke and that the final one was personal.

Solvang now reveals to Nettavisen that NRK learned from the humor trick.

Tuition fees for NRK

– Did you take any action after the feedback?

– The evaluation may have focused on knowing what we are doing when we do it. It's not just a matter of putting a comedian in a debate studio and thinking everyone will understand, Solvang says.

“We probably won't do it again,” he adds.

Solvang says the background to the session with Feeley and Tilson was based on a previous argument between them. When the two were scheduled to meet in a duel, NRK wanted to recreate the argument as a sort of introduction to the broadcast.

– Then we felt that we had to explain to the audience the real reason for their disagreement. It also became a bit special when she chose to get into character. Not everyone understood that this was what happened, Solvang explains to Netafcen.

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Solvang himself thought the stunt was entertaining, and believed that viewers understood what had happened after they had digested it and thought about it a little.

However, there were different reactions and opinions about the session. Among other things on X/Twitter.

– I think those who understood it thought it was very interesting, but those who didn't almost felt angry. “This is the way things should be,” Solvang says.

Exciting reactions

As previously mentioned, it was clear that many viewers of “The Debate” were frustrated by the broadcast.

The politician Henning Warlow wrote:

– So HUN TIL VENSTRE investigated sleeping with a large and representative group of men. so interesting! I'd like to hear more. But was this just humor and sarcasm?? What is this bullshit?! A New Low by Frederic Solvang and Debaten. Big disappointment!!

– I still don't dare turn on TVN after the debate starts. The worst thing I've ever seen on TV! Oh, my God! Take it away!, wrote another on X.

Others wondered what the point of having a humorous element in the debate program was. One user described the whole thing as a “fake news” operation by NRK.

– Oh yeah, it was a joke, yeah. Very funny.. No. Far from it, but maybe I'm too old for that. Do you think the debate was supposed to be a serious programme? not this? He pointed out, wrote one.

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