Kurt Nielsen on the role of Grandfather: – Very beautiful

Kurt Nielsen on the role of Grandfather: - Very beautiful

“Because it’s so high, high above me, it’s so beautiful,” thunders over the loudspeaker system from the stage area at Fredrikston Castle.

The song’s distinctive raspy voice belongs only to Kurt Nielsen, 43 – the plumber who became an overnight star when he emerged victorious from his idol 19 years ago, and soon after was fired by Kelly Clarkson at World Idol. Over the years, the Bergen native has been trotting up awards, topping the charts and selling hundreds of concert venues.

Star: Musician Kurt Nielsen has one of the most popular singing voices in the country. Pictured below is Allsang in Halden’s third frontier broadcast. Photo: Thomas Andersen / TV 2

And now – after two years of quiet cultural life – the famous musician is ready to enter Norwegian theaters again.

It’s very good to start over. I really look forward to every job I do, and I think it’s good, Nielsen says with a smile when he talks to TV 2 before Allsang at the Border tonight.

Watch the interview with Kurt Nilsen in the video at the top of the issue, where he talks about his career and life as a grandfather.

secret plans

Despite the fact that the 43-year-old has kept somewhat out of the limelight for the past two years, he’s worked hard in the back room.

– There was enough to do. I wasn’t lazy, I’ve been in the studio a lot and then it’s important not to be in the spotlight, he says.

However, what Nielsen specifically dealt with, he is very frank.

– I love to write and I love to sing and try things, so we’ll see. I work hard at it.

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– sad

This summer, Nielsen will be performing at festivals in several Norwegian cities. It will also be there in just over six months Singing Christmas is on one last tour after a two-year delay. The artist’s Christmas tour became a tradition for many Norwegians during Advent, and tickets were quickly sold out.

– It will be fun. It would be very strange and very sad, he says, and continues:

– And those with tickets, they’ve been waiting for almost three years, so I think they should come to a really good concert this year.

The singer further shared that he is grateful that the concerts fell in love with the audience.

– It was absolutely formidable. It seems as if people just haven’t had enough, and that makes me very happy, because it means I can get ready to wear the suit last year. It was an adventure. I never thought it would be as big as it is, that people would come over and over – I give up.

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The suspension of a successful tour has its reasons.

– Everything has an end. I’m really bad at doing multiple things at once. Maybe my career needs something other than Christmas, although I think it would be great to do that. He explains that I’ve noticed that I’m drawn to songwriting and want to do other things.

Grandpa’s life

Before the talented musician goes on tour, he will spend his summer vacation in his hometown of Bergen. In between fights, there’s likely to be some quality time with the grandson as well.

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Almost three years ago Nielsen is his grandfather when he was 41 years old.

– To have a grandson – it’s incredibly big. There is so much warmth and love, and it’s so good to be able to have the grandson for so many hours, but so good to be able to send him home again. It’s not like having kids yourself. It’s new, he says with a laugh, and continues:

– it is very beautiful. He says we enjoy ourselves a lot and have a great time when we are together.

Watch Allsang på grensen Friday at 9.50 pm on TV 2 and Thursday at 8 pm TV 2 play.

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