Røkke demolishes and expands massively in Oppdal

Røkke demolishes and expands massively in Oppdal

This article was first published in Finansavisen.

summer house: Kjell Inge Røkke has been planning for several years a large-scale renovation of Røkke Square in Oppdal. It is also known that he would build two new rooms on the so-called “free hill”, as the photographers were responsible for photographing the palace.

Now Røkke has wrapped up such a massive fairytale castle that it stands out wildly in the area. What will appear when the tarpaulin is removed is a much larger mansion. In total, we are talking about up to 4,600 square meters, of which 4,100 square meters will be heated. Plus additional cabins outside the courtyard.

Double the size: Kjell Inge Røkke is expanding its large fairy castle in Oppdal into a massive 4,600 square meter mansion. Photo: Iván Kverme / Finansavisen

builds a national romance

Troll Arkitekter is the architect behind the project, and the permanent gun-bearer of Røkke Bjørn Ove Ansnes will implement the project with local craftsmen. Originally, Røkke had to build the additional cabins on the free hill which would be connected to the existing palace through an underground tunnel.

It was Finn Sandmæl who initially designed Røkke Square in Oppdal as an orgy of patriotic romance performed in sticks and logs. The arena was built from 1998 to 2001, before he built an auditorium in 2005 so that the property has an area of ​​about 2,000 square metres.

This approach continued with the extensive demolition and construction work that Røkke would now do with Oppdal Square.

Bathroom 800 square meters

Last year, it turned out that Røkke was going to build a bath on the upside of today’s fairytale castle. This building is spread over three floors with an area of ​​315 square metres, but a total area of ​​797 square metres.

The drawings sent by Røkke to the municipality show a completely new functional expression with many thanks. The main floor has a huge pool, jacuzzi, hot tub, steam room, sauna, large changing rooms, showers and treatment rooms. In the basement there are several training and treatment rooms as well as changing rooms and showers as well as technical rooms.

Demolition and new construction in the west Photo: Troll Architects

River Square 525 Building 857

In June last year, Røkke submitted a new building order. Now he wanted to build an additional building at the entrance to the courtyard spanning three floors. This building has a main floor with a living area and a large kitchen and an upper floor with two large double rooms and two bathrooms. Downstairs there are additional parking facilities and technical rooms.

In March of this year, Kjell Inge Røkke sent another construction request to Oppdal municipality. Here he applied for the demolition of large parts of the old Røkke Square. Røkke wanted to demolish a total of 525 square meters of the cabin and replace it with a new cabin section over three floors with a total area of ​​857 square metres.

Røkke added several bedrooms and wardrobes as well as a huge laundry room on the ground floor. On the second floor we find a large open plan kitchen, living and dining room, bedroom and hall.

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