Destruction of technical rooms and NRK equipment: – Heavy damage

Destruction of technical rooms and NRK equipment: - Heavy damage

Over the weekend, vandalism was carried out at Markens Gate 9, where, among other things, NRK Sørlandet is located.

In this art room, the damage must have been done for at least 100,000 kroner, according to the homeowner.
Photo: Tormod Flame Fiji

Kristiansand: – The robberies were carried out and significant damage was done, says Knut Ude, Director of Operations for the Agder Police District, to Fædrelandsvennen.

The vandals, most likely over the weekend, were on the move at Markens Gate 9 on Kvadratorn in Kristiansand.

– We can’t see that something has been stolen, O’Day says.

Several tenants live in the building, including NRK Sørlandet.

At least 100,000 kroner

Markens Gate 9 on Kvadratorn in Kristiansand.
Photo: Tormod Flame Fiji

Tom Johannessen is responsible for operation and management at Mosvold & Co AS, which owns Gate Markens 9. He believes damage was done to at least 100,000 kroner in a technical room.

– We found out about the injuries Monday morning. Broken room door. The wires are torn and the equipment is bent. Johansen explains that this is just vandalism.

– He said the damage led to the breakdown of the sprinkler system and all the heat in the building.

– What do you think of this?

Vandals tore up equipment in the technical room.
Photo: Tormod Flame Fiji

– It’s just too desperate. Oddly enough, it’s only vandalism and nothing has been stolen. This seems very strange and meaningless.

Bjørn André Karlsen, operations technician at Agder Energi Varme, began repairs in the technical room on Monday morning.

Bjørn André Karlsen, operations technician at Agder Energi Varme, is in the process of repairing damage in the technical room at Markens Gate 9.
Photo: Tormod Flame Fiji

– This is only done for destruction. Carlsen says there was 30,000 to 40,000 crowns worth of damage related solely to the area heating equipment in the room.

sabotage NRK . equipment

It is unclear how much damage was done to NRK Sørlandet’s computers. Attempts were made to break the back door.
Photo: Tormod Flame Fiji

In addition to the damage to the technical room, sabotage was carried out on equipment belonging to NRK Sørlandet.

In a room with them there were new computers. Equipment was damaged, but it is uncertain how much money was destroyed for it.

This is about damaging the new servers, which were to be installed with us, says Morten Rood, area editor at NRK Sørlandet.

Attempts were also made to break down a door to the NRK Sørlandet building, but to no avail.

On Monday, police secured the tracks at Gate 9 Markens. They want information from the public about the issue.

Attempts have been made here to remove the HDD from a frame.
Photo: Tormod Flame Fiji

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